7 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Awakening Has Come to a Sudden Stop

One of the most favorite and common topics in our articles is certainly the spiritual awakening. In our recent stories, we explained very well what do you need to know and how to prepare yourself before starting the process of seeking spiritual enlightenment and cleansing.

However, most of us make mistakes down the road to our spiritual awakening. Most of us rush in the process or think that they should follow some ‘pattern’ to succeed in their own mission. Anyway, they forget that each human’s path is different and each one of us is supposed to find ‘the TRUTH’ on his own, in his own original way.

The spiritual roadblocks are serious issues if you want to become a spiritually strong person. You can’t ignore the fact that your human nature and needs may be an obstacle at first, but you will also realize how your emotional human nature is as well as a big obstacle as your body.

You need to determine the root of the problem, focus better and help your spirit fight your ‘inner demons’. These are the 7 most common reasons why your spiritual awakening has come or may come to a sudden stop:

1. Your soul is filled with anger

Anger is something unacceptable if you want to reach the spiritual divinity and stay awake. You need to understand that all of us are struggling with the problems of the modern, dynamic life. You will often confront people or situations that will make you literally angry as a raging bull, but this is a great test to check how spiritually strong you are.

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Keep your mind and body free of the unnecessary pressure. Sometimes we really need to pull a red line, but to do it calmly and wisely. Accumulation of anger is bad both for your spirit and body.

2. You need healing

It often happens to find huge obstacles on your path in the form of repressed memories and feelings from the past. You really need to heal your soul from the painful marks of the past. Even things from your past lives, such as some unknown visions and memories may seriously block your way to your spiritual awakening. Focus to heal your soul and become spiritually strong once again to continue your mission.

3. You have developed an over-inflated sense of self.

This is the most common MISTAKE of many inexperienced spiritual truth seekers. Well, sometimes when you think that you ‘finally arrived’ to your goal and already feel spiritually strong, with many new abilities- that’s the time when you may snap! You need to understand that the spiritual enlightenment is an evolution of the consciousness. If you start acting like your special, if you start showing your pride and drowning in it- you will quickly realize that you are back at the beginning of your mission.

You need to understand the relation between the micro and macro cosmos and focus on yourself only and your spiritual growth.

4. You’ve fallen back into old patterns of behavior

Just like we already said, we are all human and we have our patterns and routines. Some people made ‘return’ to their old habits unconsciously. This is a great advice for a person who wants to reach spiritual enlightenment- stay always FOCUSED! Don’t let your subconscious secretly guide you. Even if you feel tired or exhausted, don’t break your own rules. Even the smallest mistake can ruin your progress.

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5. You’re frustrated with the current world status.

You don’t need to be. It is natural for a person who wants to see the bigger picture to have this kind of issue. The world is a cruel place and we all know it. However, you can’t change the world, so the frustration is totally absurd. What you can change is yourself. If you want to truly change yourself and grow as an enlightened person, you need to ‘clean your mind’ from unneeded thoughts and frustrations.

6. You’re not listening to your heart

Remember, if you want to become a spiritually enlightened person, you are strong enough to listen to your heart. Why? Because your mind, spirit, and body are one. Your decisions (if you truly awaken) based on your feelings and intuition can’t be wrong. Overthinking could be! That’s why you should listen to your heart- doubt is a big obstacle.

7. Lack of self-confidence

We mentioned that too much confidence and pride are a big obstacle. Well, we are here again to tell you that unconfidence, doubts, social anxiety etc; could also be a great obstacle. Many of us begin meditation or some kind of spiritual cleansing because they feel unworthy. Don’t even let yourself feel that way. You are gifted and special, believe in yourself, but always stay on a solid ground.


Source: Enlightened Consciousness

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