Ancient Secrets: The BIG Truth About Energy Healing

The spiritual medicine is one of the oldest and most important spiritual practices of humanity. However, as the modern medicine reached huge progress, the spiritual medicine was neglected and forgotten. Anyway, the energy is all around us, flows, changes its shapes and that is a FACT!

Knowing this fact could help you grow spiritually, develop our mind, spirit, and body, and manipulate the energy- all in order to keep the well-being. The modern medicine is focused only on the physical and partly the psychological symptoms, but very often, the modern medicine has no answer what the source of the disease is.

The modern medicine consciously ignores the fact that the low-vibrating energy is the cause of many serious diseases, both physical and mental. It’s easy to understand this concept- the high-vibrating positive energy promotes healing and keeps you strong and resistable, while low-vibrating negative energy hinders healing and weakens both the spirit and the body.

In the ancient world, nearly every single civilization used a special way of spiritual healing. These practices in some societies reached very high level. Even the quantum physics has proven that everything all around us is energy and everything affects everything else. This is just another proof that the energy and the manipulation of energy could be a cause of illnesses and prevention of the same.

The easiest way to cause effect and start manipulating the energy is to start using the energy of thoughts. This energy easily affects the energy concentrations that make up your body. You need to stay extremely focused and feel the energy flowing through your body. You will feel all kinds of energy- positive, negative, angry, happy, fearful, loving etc.

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Your brain functions as a receiver of this information. The healing works this way: you need to find the negative energy fields in your body and commit a cleansing. You need to attract positive energy from the unified energy field and using your own energy send the positivity and the high-frequency vibration to clear the path of the blocked energy and prevent the negativity from spreading.

When you do this, the negative energy field’s flow will be completely blocked and the field will eventually get weaker and weaker until you have established a complete control over your whole body.

Advanced spiritual masters are even able to control the separate energy fields in their bodies as well as they are able to control and manipulate the unified energy.

At the end of this article, we will give you the best possible advice- whenever you feel something is not OK with your body and spirit- try to instantly create a higher frequency vibration. It’s easy, relax, breathe slowly, take deep breaths and don’t think of anything- just feel the energy flow. When you are able to feel the energy in your body- focus on things that you LOVE and that you are GRATEFUL for. Stay focused- quickly you will feel the difference. Of course, this is the basic, but if you want to grow as a spiritual person, you will learn many other ways to manipulate your own energy and even the energy around you.

Source: Dream Catcher Reality

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