What Is Spiritual Sex?

Sex is still the ‘unpleasant’ and ‘uncomfortable’ topic in social groups. Well, sex since always was a thing of secrecy. However, that might be one of the biggest mistakes. Many uninformed people claim that the sexual relationship is a big obstacle on the path of spiritual union and divinity. THIS IS WRONG.

Of course, we said many times before how sexual abstinence and some other abnormalities could harm your body and soul for a lifetime, but this is another concept we’re ‘reviewing’ today that has nothing to do with the material, physical and psychological effects of sex, but only with the spiritual, divine power of the sexual connection between two human beings.

Because of the dogmatic ideologies spread by some religions, sex is considered only as an act of nature with a mysterious connection to the Creator. The human’s spiritual involvement in sex is completely neglected. On the other hand, some ancient cultures see sex as a part of the spiritual life. Kama-sutra is a living proof of that. Some people still see the spiritual life as a great ‘tool’ to embrace and respect their sexuality.

They are absolutely right! One of the biggest issues with sex is the feeling of shame and guilt. There is a huge difference between immorality, infidelity and vulgarity, and sexual embracement, discovery and PASSION.

The dogmatic concept makes you feel dirty and perverse even when there is nothing dirty or perverse in your mind. The barriers and boundaries are a huge obstacle if you want to embrace your sexuality via spirituality. The best way to deal with your sexual issues is to find all fragments of your sexuality and suppress the feeling of guilt and shame, of course, after you realize the true ‘meaning’ of your ‘issues’ and get over them.

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When you feel ready, you will have the chance to experience spiritual sex. There are 3 types of DIVINE UNION:

1. The Alert Union

The alert union may be experienced in the first sexual experience. This is not really a mindful experience but is very important because we realize how vulnerable, intimate and exposed we’ve become. The mutual pleasure becomes a heightened moment of awareness and radical psychological change in one’s mind and body.

2. The Conscious Union

This union comes as a need. A seed produced by the Alert Union. The feelings of exposure and vulnerability make us strongly attached to that person. We raise the big LOVE-MAKING question and in Conscious Union love-making is the main goal. Passionate, emotional and playful- this union will help you find all your sexual appetites and discover your true sexuality. However, this is the step when you enter the true spiritual union and you need to be aware and careful who are you doing this with.

3 The Soulful Union

This type of sex can only be described as a feeling of boundless pure bliss, warmth, and identity-merging (or ego loss), especially during orgasm. This is the type of sex where you feel there’s something more. You feel the flame between the two souls and you finally see what ‘materialized love’ really is. The orgasms are something amazing that you can’t experience in other sexual practices.

If you would like to experience the Soulful Union via spiritual sex, here are some recommendations:

Stay celibate for as long as you can. This will increase your sexual energy so that you can learn to channel it. You may feel a tingling sensation in your lower back, this is your kundalini energy which assists in the experience of Unity.
Set aside time to dedicate only to your partner. Create a sensual space with candles, soft ethnic music, silken robes, aphrodisiac fragrances, and so forth.
Sit in front of each other and lightly move your hands over your partner’s body (to awaken their nerves). Allow your soft strokes to tingle through their body, but don’t allow your hands to pass over their erogenous zones (nipples, penis, etc.), only near them. Prolong this state of arousal for as long as desired.
Sit in each other’s lap (called the “yab-yum” position) and breathe each other’s breath. This allows both of you to consciously harmonize with each other.
Maintain eye-contact throughout intercourse. Witnessing the act of love-making allows you to stay present and see something of immense beauty.


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Source: Loner Wolf

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