20 Most Powerful Secrets To Meaningful Relationships

Is there a ‘perfect’ person? No, of course. However, some relationships seem to be perfect. Seem like the two soulmates found themselves and they have the strongest ever-lasting bond given by them by the universe. WELL, THAT IS NOT TRUE! They worked hard on their relationship to build a strong bond, communication, and ways of acting, functioning and LIVING TOGETHER.

Consciously or not, the partners in strong relationship implement some ‘secrets’ that you should all acknowledge. Vernon Howard in his book Mystic Path to Cosmic Power explains many things about the human spirituality and psychology. According to this expert, these are the secrets to a meaningful and strong relationship:

1. Intentions matter more than actions

We shouldn’t ever trust people whose actions are different from their words. The same applies to a relationship- don’t manipulate your partner with empty promises and white-lies. Show your love through your actions, not words.

2. A sense of individuality

This is probably one of the most important secrets. When we decide to share our existence with someone else, we need to always KEEP OUR INDIVIDUALITY. If we get too consumed by the certain relationship, we may find ourselves losing our inner self. If your partners ask you to give up your personhood and dignity- this is not the relationship you are looking for.

3. Self-insight

The self-insight in relationships is priceless. Self-insight will make you way calmer and stable and it will also prevent many conflicts between the partners.

4. Avoid manipulation

Manipulation should not be part of a strong relationship. This means that not only between the partners, but between all others people connected to you. Many people will try to ‘enter your world’ and seek control over your relationship or some of the partners. Don’t let them do it!

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5. Feeling a sense of oneness with all other people

This is a great sign to see if someone’s the right choice for you. When you discover who your soulmate is, you will feel a strong need to spend the time with that person. You will value every moment with your sweetheart, while all others will seem completely ordinary to you.

6. Avoid constant resistance from things

Stay open- both with your mind and heart. You can’t keep the guard high and expect to have a meaningful relationship. Put the guard down and open your heart- you may be disappointed at one point, but the risk is worth.

7. Free yourself from unnecessary desire

Unnecessary desires will ruin your relationship. The unnecessary desires often became an addiction and you will certainly neglect your partner. Not to mention the time wasted and your disadvantage as a person.

8. Self-knowledge

This is the most popular thesis from the ancient philosophy: you can’t acknowledge NOTHING if you don’t acknowledge yourself first.

9. Know what love means

The true power of love is seen only when it is materialized. Try to show your partner how deep your feelings are and let your actions speak louder than words.

10.Learn how to deal with heartaches

Don’t run away from your emotional issues. You may find yourself disappointed and hurt many times, but your true test (if you are a strong person or not) comes when you fall and you need to raise up again. If you learn to accept the true reality and comfort yourself, you will be able to do the same to your partner.

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11. A complete experience of human relationships

This is a very important secret. Before entering a meaningful relationship make sure that you have a good experience in human relationships. You may find agitated or uncertain in some unpleasant social situation and even not be able to keep your relationship alive.

12. Avoid seeking for social validation

You definitely don’t need this! If you want to grow as a person, not only establish a strong relationship, you must not fear of being ‘nobody’ in this world. Nobody is good, way better than wearing thousands of masks on your face, trust us!

13. Value the pleasant and the unpleasant both

A complete experience of the pleasant and unpleasant things combined gives you the real picture of a person.

14. Know what harms you

Set up the boundaries and be always careful. You need to know what harms you and if you really acknowledged yourself, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, keep an eye on your body and mind, the health always comes first.

15. Desire is not love

NEVER mix up desire with love. These are two very different things. Desire may be just a heat of the moment, but love is the reason for great deeds and the strongest positive force in this cruel, dark world.

16. Self-esteem

We don’t even need to mention how important the self-esteem is in one relationship. However, the social situations and the life as it is may make us feel very low and inconfident. Your partner needs to be here to boost you up and make your negativity go away.

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17. Recognize the virtue in others

We are often blinded by ourselves so we don’t even discover how GREAT some people are. Always look for the virtue in others- it will make you happy, improve your social relationships and make you discover awesome people.

18. Encourage positivity within yourself

All of us have a darker side deep inside their souls. However, if you want to keep maintaining a strong and a meaningful relationship try to always encourage positivity. Spread the high frequency vibration all around yourself as much as possible- the effect will be visible in no time.

19. Be the real you

If you already realized how important it is for others to accept us and for us to accept others as they are, even more important it is to accept ourselves as we are and be REAL. If you are the real you in a relationship, you leave no secrets behind and you let your partner truly acknowledge who you are.

20.Transform your inner life into one of goodness

Your transformation into a gentle, loving and caring creature is the final goal of your ‘hard work’ in a relationship and in the same time is the best gift you could ever give to yourself.


Source: Daily Positive Info

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