A Year-long Study Predicts: Earth May Experience a ‘Mini Ice Age’ as Early as 2020

A new bombshell study is shaking the world of science. Northumbria University Professor Valentina Zharkova presented her stunning discovery- in the next few years, she suggests, the planet Earth will enter into a cooling phase. Series of events will lead our planet to a mini ice age and it will happen between the years 2020-2053.

This huge discovery indicates that our planet will enter the era of 33 years of a huge solar reduction. Scientists came to this conclusion by creating a mathematical model of the magnetic fields of the sun. The results of their research were shocking- the temperatures are pluming rapidly and the sun hasn’t been this much inactive since the 17th century.

IFL Science recently reported that the activity of the sun will reach the period known as the Maunder Minimum. This is a period when the sun enters unusually inactive period producing way fewer sunspots than usual. The Maunder Minimum happened in areas of Europe, Asia and N. America between the years 1645-1715 when sunspots became exceedingly rare. This is how IFL Science described the Maunder Minimum- the mini ice age that we’re going to experience soon:

The previous Maunder Minimum happened in the 17th century and it lasted about 50 and 60 years. During this period of time, winters were colder: for instance, the River Thames that usually flows through London notoriously froze over. The ice was so thick that people could just walk from one side to another. However, the citizens that actually lived in freezing, 17th century Europe survived these cold winters, and they also didn’t have the heating technology which we are fortunate enough to have today. If the next solar activity minimum does not affect the weather on the planet Earth, it will also not be deadly for the human race.

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Valentina Zharkova for the famous Sputnik explained that these ‘mini ice ages’ keep repeating every 350-400 years following the sun activity. Anyway, Zharkova states that our planet has a natural mechanism to adapt to all changes. She said:

The problem is going to be for us to pass through the minimum of current magnetic field activity that is going to come in the next 30 years, as we can only guess that the vegetation period is going to start reducing. If we have less solar emissions, as well as less radiation and dropping temperatures, it actually means that vegetables will not have the ability to grow in the proper way, wheat cannot grow properly, so we may have some problems with some sorts of food that will probably need to think through.


The latest researches indicate that the mini ice age is most likely to begin in the following 15 years. Well, brace yourself- winter is REALLY coming!


Source: I Beleive In Mother Nature

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