6 Easy Brain Training Exercises That Can Make People Happier

Every object on this planet is an energy field. We, humans, are strong energy fields and our vibration is very important both for our everyday life and for our development as a person, but most of us neglect this part. Some of us even make negative thinking a habit. That’s when the problems begin. When we vibrate in low-frequency, it means that we might easily get depressed and become toxic for the people around us and ourselves too.

Negativity also attracts bad karma. That’s why we should always keep our minds relaxed, focused and free. The same applies to the spirit. However, it’s easier said than done. Ph. D. John Cacioppo who is also a professor at the University of Chicago found 6 brain training exercises to help us keep our brain and mind peaceful.


Martin Seligman, director of the Positive Psychology Network, emphasizes the importance of defining what a “good life” looks like to us. Seligman also suggests the popular ‘beautiful day’ exercise. According to him, this exercise will significantly help you stay focused. The exercise involves outlining how your ideal day would look like.Once you have your outline, put each step into practice while enjoying the present moment of each situation.


This is maybe the most important tip of them all. This exercise will help you not only with relaxing your brain, but also with any stress and anxiety. In the 21st century, anxiety and stress are a common thing, in some countries even depression. That’s why all of us should try to do this exercise whenever possible.

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All you need is five minutes. Whether or not you’re anxious, sad or whatever, take five minutes a few times a day to focus on your breath.

Here’s a quick exercise:

– Sit upright, but not tight. Shoulders back, chest out.

– Rest your hands in a peaceful position.

– Now, focusing on the sensations of the nostrils, breath in deeply for 3 seconds. The inhale should fill your belly and diaphragm.

– Pursing your lips, exhale slowly for six seconds.

– Repeat six times.

An easy way to remember the exercise is to remember the numbers 3-6-6. 3-second inhales, 6-second exhales, 6 times!


This is a great helper! Try to think of all things you are thankful for. Just begin like that. Every day spend time thinking about things that you are grateful for and sometimes try to express your gratitude in some way. This will make you feel fulfilled and relieved. Also, this will always remind you that you don’t need so many things to be happy. It will also remind you that there are people who love you or depend on you and the fact that you are a useful and progressive human being.


Sounds familiar? Well, the modern science proved that laughing is pure health. Many studies proved that smiling increases the level of serotonin in our brain and literally produces more ‘happiness’. Even if we don’t want to smile at a certain time, but we do it, still, smiles cause interesting impact in our brain. At the Berkeley University, they processed an interesting study where they observed marriages for a couple of decades. The partners who were smiling widest and more often were reliably proven to have long-lasting and happier marriages.

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Believe it or not, this is a great exercise for your brain. Science confirms- music significantly helps your brain relax and also produces positive feelings. Music should become part of your life, try to listen to your favorite songs whenever possible. When you’re down or happy- it doesn’t matter- music will help you get over something or celebrate in style!


Just make your life simpler Your time is precious and you need to evaluate it. Attachment to unnecessary things is harmful, but most of the people are actually not aware of it. Minimalism and decluttering could be a great beginning in your improvement. Try to do and own things that you really NEED and that you really enjoy doing or having. Follow these few simple rules:

– less clothing

– less clutter

– more open space (at work and in your home)

– eliminating debt

– going carless

– limiting expectations

The list should be endless, right? But if you really want to change your life for better, you need to stay focused and work hard on yourself. Watch this useful video below:



Source: Power of Positivity

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