If You Are Alive In 30 years, It’s Likely You’ll Be Alive In 1,000 Years

At this particular moment, this might sound really crazy, but, could you imagine living for thousands of years? Well, it seems that soon we will make it possible! The technology and science of the modern human are being on a fascinatingly high level and each day we got more advantages to become ever more advanced.

The life-extending question is one of the most popular questions that bothers humanity for so long, since ancient time. The real question is if are we are going to achieve it with our modern technology and science or we should look for a higher spiritual divinity that will at least make our spirit immortal.

Anyway, we won’t know the answer for sure, but the modern science has a fascinating prediction that soon, very soon we may develop our bodies to last much longer on Earth.

The biggest expert in this science field is Ray Kurzweil who is also a chief engineer at Google. Kurzweil says that this is the time for humanity when we can significantly prolong our life spans. He claims that the humans won’t bother with issues such as supporting growing numbers of human, or resources for humanity to survive, because very soon we will use the solar energy only and will end the ‘race for resources’ In other words- we could make ourselves self-sufficient from Earth.

This is what Kurzweil says:

“Well within 15 years, say, we’ll be able to meet all of our energy needs from solar. And at that point, we will be using one part in 10,000 of the sunlight that falls on the Earth.” He also believes that, by then, we will have worked through the “resource-related limiting factors” currently stymying scientists and activists around the world.

With that much ENERGY, according to Kurzweil, we would have an unseen potential for investments in genetics. He claims that the current achievements in genetics and genetic engineering are just the basics and with DNA modification and the right medicaments and diet we would be able to live around thousand years.

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Kurzweil says that the science will have enough time, energy and other material and intellectual resources to focus on this extremely important issue of all humans. He thinks that soon, in less than 30 years, we would be able to perform DNA engineering in every single cell of our bodies and modify it to last longer, of course with good treatment of the body and the spirit. Kurzweil thinks that with ‘cloning’ and ‘editing’ people humanity will reach its ‘zenith’:

“Our experiences will be limited only by our imagination and the very expansion of our neocortex so we can create and experience more profound music and art and science and literature and relationships. I don’t think life will get boring.”

However, this is a very optimistic prediction. We already know that we could use the solar energy, but the gas and oil make a couple of people very powerful. Those people rule this world in the shadow. Are they going to share ALL RESOURCES with ALL PEOPLE? I really doubt… What about you?

Source: Collective Evolution

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