For The First Time in 150 Years, Lunar Eclipse Will Coincide with a Blue Moon

2018 will be a special and unusual year. Astrologists have been waiting for so long for this year to come because at the end of this month, on January 31st we will be able to witness a total lunar eclipse.

A total lunar eclipse is when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all aligned. However, this lunar eclipse is quite special because it occurs to be a BLUE MOON. This has not happened for, believe it or not, 152 years, that makes this even more special for the people who enjoy sky watching. This phenomenon will be observed by thousands all around the world and it also has a strong spiritual meaning.

The last blue moon was noted on March 31, 1866, and now in 2018. However, if you missed the blue moon you have the rare chance to see it once again after 10 years (combination of lunar eclipse + blue moon).

The lunar eclipse makes significant energy disbalance in the galaxy and happens when direct sunlight is entirely blocked by the earth’s shadow. The Sun’s light is refracted by our atmosphere through the earth’s shadow, and when the moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, it appears reddish. That is why a total lunar eclipse is called a blood moon at times.As if being a rare, blue moon – total lunar eclipse wasn’t a big enough deal already, it gets even more impressive. This full moon will be the third supermoon that we’ve had in a row. Any full or new moon that comes closer than 361,554.9 km of Earth technically counts as a supermoon.

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If you want to be among the many who are going to observe this great phenomenon you should be somewhere in North America, Australia, East Asia, the Pacific or New Zeland. The ‘show’ will last for 77 minutes. The eclipse happens at the same time all around the world, but still, the people from both sides of the Pacific will be able to see it the best because of the predicted positioning of the Earth.

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Source: Peace Quarters

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