What Happens In Meditations After Kundalini & Third Eye Activation

The divine experience of opening the third eye or the pineal gland is one of the greatest spiritual achievements possible. If you ever succeeded to open your pineal gland, it means that you are an extremely advanced spiritual person. However, most of us, don’t even know what the third eye is and what effects it could cause on our body and mind.

The ancient eastern teachings use various forms of meditation to boost up their spiritual side. Meditation is no doubt the best tool to reach spiritual divinity. However, meditation has nothing to do with the pineal gland opening if you are not ready, self-acknowledged person. If you want to open your pineal gland, you must be advanced in meditation and spirituality.

First, you need to acknowledge yourself. To know who you are and accept yourself as you are. Second, you need to have a lot of experience in meditating and other spiritual practices. When you feel strong, detached from everything in the material 3-dimensional world, then your time has come.

The opening of the third eye truly is a ‘miracle’. However, you shouldn’t expect miracles, but remain focused on your ‘mission’.

You need to perform the form of meditation that lets you stay focus, use the energy both of your lower upper and lower centers, and open your central chakras. You will start seeing the colors brightly and feel the emotions more intense.

We’ve said so many times before that the spiritual rebirth of each person is a different and unique path to walk, but one thing is common for everybody who opened the third eye- the beginning of the process is characterized with intense and strange blasts of LOVE. The feeling of love becomes very intense and materialized, you may find yourself crying during your meditation. However, you just need to continue meditating, stay focus and ‘ride the wave’.

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Later on, you are going to feel various different energy waves from all sides. You will start seeing the energy and slowly shift to other dimensions. What happens next is often a secret. Each person who reached spiritual divinity experienced something that is unexplainable with words. However, many say that they passed through a tunnel. Probably the shifting through dimensions and strong energy fields is visualized in our minds that way.

The ‘travel’ is also personified with ‘cocktails’ of unwanted emotions, mirages from the past, thoughts, phobias etc. That’s your spiritual cleansing. That’s when you need to stay focused as hard as possible and get over everything that bothers you in life and makes you unhappy.

After the tunnel and dimension shifting, you should find the truth and grow as a person. You will definitely overcome all your flaws and acknowledge yourself better than ever before. Your spirit is going to be strong as steel and you will learn the TRUTH of the purpose of existence. What the truth is we cannot tell- meditate , become spiritually advanced and find out for yourself!

Source: Enlightened Consciousness

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