New Moon in Capricorn: Using Practical Magic to Manifest Your Dreams

Happy new year! This month, on Tuesday January 16th the first new moon of 2018 will transpire. Astronomically, a new moon happens when the sun and the moon are in conjunction with each other. This is when two celestial bodies meet or pass each other, and in this case the moon is moving in between the Earth and sun. At this phase, the moon is only visible as a thin lunar crescent.

When celestial bodies are conjunct, their energies blend and unify. Because the sun represents our outer expression and the moon represents our internal feelings, this is the peak time when a harmonious balance is created between these two aspects of ourselves.

CapricornThis new moon falls within the 10th sign of of Zodiac; Capricorn. Capricorn also rules the 10th house in astrology, representing our career, status and stability in the working world. This is significant as it’s at the start of our new year, creating the perfect time to set goals, focus on new projects and commit to what we truly care about. Capricorn represents the energy of independence, responsibility and discipline.

It is quite serious in nature, as its main ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of structure and boundaries. This can feel restricting and limiting to those who don’t always enjoy structure, but this is an important time of focus and growth for everyone. A practical Earth sign, Capricorn urges us to work harder, manage our time wisely and set realistic yet ambitious goals for the upcoming months. This is the perfect time to set goals for yourself both professionally and personally as the new year is still beginning.

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This is going to set the tone for the rest of the year, so ensure your intents are clear and ambitious, yet practical and realistic so you may reach them. Capricorn is also a Cardinal sign. The word “Cardinal” itself comes from the French “cardo” meaning a hinge, that on which something turns. The energy behind Cardinal signs represent forward motion and initiating new ventures.

This new moon can set us up for tremendous success this year, creating financial stability and and enhancing our life purpose if we are willing to put the work in. Capricorn pushes us to to be our own motivators and seek that forward-motion-type-discipline from within our own hearts.

It is time to set up for major accomplishments this year, but we must be pure in our intent and allow our focus to remain steady. As this new moon approaches, now is the time to ask yourself “What do you truly want to accomplish this year?” It is the perfect time to write down your goals, ambitions and possibly create rituals for yourself to help keep this structure thrive throughout 2018.Journal

As we are all unique beings, the types of projects, goals and creations vary greatly for everyone. Even though Capricorn represents our career in a more traditional sense, the goals we set are completely up to us.
For those who are more artistically inclined, this may look like creating more art of your choosing this year.

It could also look something like setting up a solid structure to meditate more, spending more time in nature or finding more ways to explore your internal self. The importance here is to set up a system that works for you, even if it’s not career based.

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Before this new moon emerges, spend some time in meditation asking yourself what you would truly like to create this year. What gets you excited and motivates you to create?

Some questions to ask yourself at this time include:

  • What do you want to create this year, and why?
  • What is preventing you from accomplishing your goals?
  • What limitations have you created for yourself?
  • How can you keep yourself on track?
  • What kind of projects will fulfill you?

Take this time to balance visualizing your dreams and then creating a plan of action to make it happen. When we can both mentally visualize our goals and physically start working towards it, the more smoothly it will manifest.

Use this time wisely to plan to create the reality you’ve always wanted, because you are truly the creator of your life. 2018 is your year to create your heart’s desires; just remember to keep working at it!

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