3rd Eye Mirror Meditation – What Faces Will You See?

We said many times before that the meditation is the biggest spiritual gift for humanity and the best possible ‘tool’ to reach spiritual divinity and enlightenment. However, meditation is a complicated and serious practice.

Meditation should be taken rather seriously. If you already decided to live a spiritual life, you must make meditation part of your daily routine. If you are already that much advanced, you need to learn all kinds of meditation, all effects, and side effects.

One of the popular and most exciting forms of meditation is the ‘mirror meditation’. However, during the opening of the third eye, many people see faces or shapes that make them paranoid and disables the true effect of the meditation. Be not afraid! You have nothing to fear and we will explain what those faces mean.

To begin this meditation, you need to be protected, of course. Once you’ve protected yourself, place a mirror in front of you, light a candle and turn off the lights. Focus on the spot between your eyes where your 3rd eye would be. Due to the dimness of the room, you will find your eyes going in and out of focus and this is perfectly normal and expected. Try to avoid excessive blinking because it is in this state that the faces will appear. Your third eye will open soon ( of course, if you are already spiritually advanced) and you will start seeing many faces of various genders, ethnicities, races and sometimes even demonic and scary shadows.

These entities cannot harm you or bring any negative effect on your life! Those are simple tests for your spirituality. Your subconsciousness is constantly testing you. Of course, each level of spirituality has many hidden secrets and KEYS to the next level that we are supposed to find them ourselves. At the same time, we need to be strong to overcome all obstacles on our path to divinity.

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Anyway, if these faces stopped your meditation process, start again. Next time you will be stronger. Practice this meditation as much as possible. If you become stronger than those faces, if they stop appearing, it means that you are ready for a new level of meditation. Of course, you should keep practicing mirror meditation because of the extremely positive effects and the third eye opening.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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