9 Signs That Prove You’re Being Watched By Guardian Angel!

Every human being has a guardian angel at some point in life. The guardian angels, or you could call them however you want, play a huge part in our lives, but we are completely unaware of their presence and their ‘work’.

We are all programmed to be cautious, it’s instinctively. However, the thought that there is some mystical divine being guarding our backs and guiding our path is awesome. Anyway, the concept of guardian angels might be a little misunderstood by the most people in the western civilization.

Guardian angels may and may not be anthropomorphic beings. On the other hand, in all cultures and religions, they are described as creatures with wings. Interesting… Nobody ever saw a guardian angel, so we can’t tell with certainty, but in this article, we have the best and most regular signs that you’ve been protected by a guardian angel.

1.Your Baby Start to Laugh About Something That You Can’t See

Babies are innocent and pure souls. Their spirits are completely clean and they have special abilities to see some things and energy fields that are not visible to us. If you sometimes see your baby laugh at something invisible all of a sudden, or something invisible puts him at ease sometimes, that means that there might be a guardian angel present.

2. You start to see feathers around you

This is a traditional common sign of seeing a guardian angel. So, if you see feathers around you, don’t freak out. You are protected by a guardian angel and there is no reason for you to be afraid. Keep the positivity and good thoughts in your mind to keep it with you forever.

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3. If you Start Seeing Rainbows, then an Angel is Nearby

If you are thinking in ‘’The Luck of the Irish’’ when you see rainbows, that doesn’t mean that you are crazy or something, it means that you associate rainbows with prosperity and luck. That’s the same feeling that you have when an angel is nearby, because they are very spiritual and are a natural source of awe and beauty.

4. Noticing Oddly Shaped Clouds

If you notice strangely shaped clouds it could also be a sign of a guardian angel. Guardian angels love to send us subliminal messages. The sky is their best source of communication. Their divine energy is very powerful, so often they let us know they are here, especially in the hardest times to give us hope.

5. You start feeling strange emotions/feelings

Just like we already said, they want to let us know they are here. Your emotions may be another medium for the guardian angel. If they want to communicate you or give you a good advice, they may trigger some strange emotions and feelings.

6. Electronics acting odd

Of course, another way to show their presence. Because of their strong energy, they could even manipulate with some electronic devices.

7. ”Who called me?” Hearing your name

If you were alone by yourself or just walking in a public place somewhere and you hear your name being called out by somebody but you don’t see anyone around, it doesn’t mean that you are psycho, it probably means that your spirit guide is trying to get your attention. Try to open yourself up if you want to get in touch with the spiritual world and see if you can make contact.

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8. You Feel a Sudden Tingling at the Crown of Your Head

Another thing that people who believe in angels have noticed is that they feel a tingling at the back of the head in weird moments. This tingling may take the form of sudden warmth and sometimes it’s pretty common to feel it when you are sleeping in your feet.

Many persons have expressed that this warmth may have a relationship between the crown of the head and an angel’s halo. This amazing connection represents that your angel is watching you while you sleep and it will always protect you.

9.You Start to Perceive a Sweet Aroma and Hearing Beautiful Sounds

The presence of a guardian angel is very powerful. We said that their energy is strong, but it’s a white, positive energy that might be materialized and felt in many ways. You may hear beautiful sounds of smell pleasant aromas.


Source: Activism Code

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