Mysticism, Oneness, Spirituality, And Describing The Indescribable

The purpose of our existence is definitely one of the biggest secrets and unknown questions for all humanity. However, some of us, the spiritually advanced and strong people are able to find what ‘the Truth’ really is. On our life path, we are all searching for those answers and every single one of us needs to find those answers alone, acknowledge oneself and acknowledge the whole world.

The modern life is very fast, dynamic and cynical. We live in times where some new values are popular. Honor, dignity, love- these words are losing their meaning slowly. Not everybody is consumed by the modern behavior, consumerism, materialism and ignorance. Some people are still taking care of their inner selves and search for the answers that are going to answer the biggest questions of our existence and make them grow as a person.

We expect factual evidence for everything to prove it true of false. At least that’s what the modern science taght us. But the science also teaches us tht everyday we should learn new things and upgrade ourselves in more advanced and experienced people.

That’s why we should focus more on our spiritual side and learn new things.

Mysticism is defined as “a constellation of distinctive practices, discourses, texts, institutions, traditions, and experiences aimed at human transformation, variously defined in different traditions.”

The “mystical experience” is an experience that is spiritual and sacred while often being more than just a religious experience. A “religious experience” is a subjective experience that is inside of the framework of the religion.

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The mystical experience and all processes of spiritual divinity and cleansing have one simple and most important rule- to teach you to acknowledge yourself and acknowledge the ONENESS. You need to understand the concept of micro-macro cosmos. To understand it, picture it yourself that everything, literally every being on this planet is an energy field. All of those energy fields are part of a larger energy cone( the Universe) that are connected directly with the Creator.

Knowing this, you will also understand and accept the concept of Karma. Learning these new things and the most important thing- WHO YOU REALLY ARE, will definitely help you grow as a person and live happily and fulfilled life. The chemistry of the ONENESS produced in our brain is a pure guarantee. Why? Because when we meditate and seek our spiritual divinity we become ONE with the Universe and the Creator. Both with our bodies and our spirits.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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