4 Significant Signs You’ve Finally Met Your Twin Flame

We hear too often the terms soulmate and twin flame. However, most of us don’t even know the true meaning of those terms. The twin flame connection is always romantic, let’s put it that way. The ultimate energy of the universe is all around us and our spirits are wandering in the 3Dimensional world.

Anyway, when two twin flames meet it is a cosmic event. Twin flames are very often having a strong relationship with their past lives. Reunion of two twin flames is something very powerful. It is the perfect soulmate relationship which enables reincarnated souls to find themselves again in the 3D world and continue walking their paths together once again.

In these article we share recognizable signs of meeting a twin flame. Read about some of them below:

1. Twin Flame is the ultimate connection of two souls

Twin flame connection is a cosmic connection that enables us to find the person who is always full of understanding and empathy. You love the same things, you have the same behavior. When you meet the person, you are certainly going to feel the special energy all around you. You will know in your bones that something very important happened to you.

2. Twin flames have known each other forever

This is also a very important sign. After you meet your twin flame, you will have that strange feeling that you have known eachother since ever. That’s true in a way, however, you must be aware that this world and this lifetime is a special and unique story for itself, so you need to remain focused on your relationship and even try to learn more things about your partner.

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3. The twin flame runner/chaser

To make things complicated, there is the twin flame runner and chaser phase within each union. While the reason behind the roles are unknown, it seems it’s part of the yin-yang energy creation, there is always one partner who is constantly afraid of the connection, often the male energy, and the other is the validator, the female energy.

However roles can be reversed, the runner can become the chaser, however, there is always one twin flame who is first to express their heart and lay it on the line. It is then up to the runner to see if they are ready to accept this kind of soul union.

4. Twin flame experience is to awaken each other

The entire purpose of the twin experience is to awaken and challenge each other to be the best possible version of ourselves, but not everyone is ready to be awakened.

Not everyone is ready to dive into the depths of their souls and see what lurks there. However through many human experiences twin flames eventually do learn and the union can become complete.

We meet our twin with instant understanding and having the feeling of knowing each other.


So, now that you know the importance of twin flames, you need to believe that you will find yours. Love is the strongest and the purest energy of creation.


Source: Spiritual Unite

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