Disconnect From The Archon-Matrix & Reconnect With Consciousness

It is time to escape the MATRIX and live your life as a true human being! The modern human is trapped in the bubble of fake values, consumerism, materialism, conformism and huge apathy. We eat only what they serve us, we see only what they show us, we dance however they play.

Who are THEY? We won’t open the conspiracy theories, but there CERTAINLY is someone who rules this world in the shadow and it’s the main purpose of the huge suffering and poverty in the world. The material disbalance on Earth and the great historical events determined one small group of people to set up their own rules, their own values and control the rest of us.

We still live in countries, we still have governments, cultures, traditions etc, but sooner or later it will all vanish and disappear. The huge “beast” of globalization is swallowing everything and there are more and more people trapped inside the matrix.

It’s easy- you just need to see the truth with your own eyes.Da Vinci’s point that humanity must learn to see and realize that everything connects to everything else. To the majority, a distorted perception based upon ignorance is the only truth, and knowledge and awareness is a heresy.

Knowledge and awareness is dangerous to all authority because by definition it means that people are connecting the dots and seeing what they really are when connected together. Once the picture comes into focus all aspects of authority and the belief systems on which it stands come crashing down in an explosion of life-changing insight.

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If you are a cog, but see yourself and the other cogs as individuals doing your own thing, you will never see what is really going on. But once you see the machine then your perception is immediately transformed and the true nature of your daily existence becomes blindingly obvious.

Education, science, medicine, politics and media are all founded on a belief in the known. The known is basically the holographic realm of what is called the physical world, and the unknown is the unseen infinity of waveform information and pure consciousness from which the holographic illusion is decoded and made manifest.

The known is the domain of the five senses – can I see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it? These questions, therefore, become the arbiters of perceived existence or non-existence.

Education is about teaching the known to the next generation of programmed ‘knowers’ while academics, scientists, and doctors are looked upon in awe because they are perceived to know more than others about the known.

But what is this ‘known’? It is what they believe is known, what they have been told is known and nothing more.

It was known that the Earth was flat and this ‘known’ was preached and imposed upon generations galore in the great centers of alleged ‘education’; but it was wrong all the same.

The known is only ‘I believe it is known’ but it is the very foundation of human society. You can only truly learn by uncovering the unknown. Everything else is repeating.

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When your job, status and even sense of self and security come from the known there is a built-in incentive to ignore or trash the unknown. The known fears the unknown because the more the unknown reveals its secrets the more the known loses its omnipotence and dominance of perception.

How funny this is when what is perceived as the known is only a decoded figment of the unknown’s imagination. The dream is the dreamer but can only see the dream. The known is the unknown but can only see the known.

This ‘known’, the holographic illusion, is where people invent and worship their beliefs while the realms of the waveform and pure Consciousness connect everything as One.

The control system demands for its very survival that the mentality of ignorance be constantly maintained and so ‘visionaries’ have always been sought out and targeted by the authorities of the day.The heart views everything from outside the illusion. It is in this world, but not of it. As a result, people with heart intelligence are seen as crazy and impossible to fathom or understand.

The brain is not the source of anything. It is the conduit, the biological computer system, which responds to information stimuli and makes it conscious in terms of five-sense perception and behavior.

Different areas of the brain become activated, or ‘light up’, when energetic information is received that relates to a specific role in decoding and communicating information to the holographic conscious mind.

So, we need to look beyond the ‘horizon’ and use all of our senses to find out what THE TRUTH really is. The media is, of course, going to trouble you. The modern technology and the extremely dynamic lifestyle too, but you just need to spend more time with yourself, work on your spirit and stay focused. Nobody could take away your soul. Religion, politics, science, media… You don’t need any of this if you are unhappy. You think that you can live in the matrix and be completely free and fulfilled? Well, it’s nearly impossible…

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