What Is The Perfect Resolution For Your Soul? Here’s How To Find And Create It

Every new year brings new challenges. The life is a struggle, a giant circle, and ladder. One day we are up, the next one we are down. However, we all want to live fulfilled and happy life, not to repeat the same mistakes from the past, to achieve our dreams and find out the purpose of our existence.

To be successful in life, we must create some boundaries. Spiritual teachers are often against boundaries from the outside world, but you certainly need boundaries if you acknowledged yourself and know your flaws.

This new year you need a new resolution. You need to create your comfort and security to achieve your goals and dreams in 2018. hile 2016-2017 focused heavily on the energy of death, rebirth, and new beginnings, 2018 is really going to be a burst of fresh air that will allow us to really focus on getting grounded with where we have landed.
To welcome in this new energy, I always think it’s power to create a soul resolution. This is slightly different from a new year’s resolution as it is less about creating goals and more about setting an intention.

Soul resolutions go so much deeper than weight loss goals or learning to speak French, and into a more energetic space where they can manifest through your sacred intention and the will of the Divine.

When creating an intention, you don’t have to define what it’s going to look like or what you are even going to achieve. Instead, it’s like you are planting a seed of creation and seeing how it unfolds and how it shifts and changes your life on its own.

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To craft a NEW YEAR RESOLUTION, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Choosing a soul resolution

You need to find out which are your biggest challenges in life. You need to really become aware of what are you struggling with and what do you really want to accomplish. Don’t think about pleasures or attachments,but think about serious, radical changes in your life. Point your brain in a positive direction and encourage yourself. You will find many answers and many truths. Always dig deeper and deeper in your soul. Self-enlightenment will help you chose your resolution.

2. Crafting Your Soul Goal

This is the final goal of your plan. If you set up a resolution, it means that you enter a process of radical changes which is supposed to end with big achievement or accomplishment of your own mission which was the true purpose of crafting the resolution.

3. Sending Out Your Soul Resolution

Simply sit in a quiet place, maybe even light a candle or smudge your aura before you begin. Again, there are no rules with this.

Recite your soul resolution out loud three times with feeling, for all the heavens to hear. As you are saying your goal, try to really feel it and take it into your body and into your being.

After you have finished, fold up your soul resolution and leave it tucked away in your room or in a safe place.

Your determination is the key factor. If you stay determined and focused on your positive development, you could be assured that this year, 2018, will pay you back. This year is considered to be a year of positive changes, so don’t miss this great opportunity-the universe is on your side!

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Source: Spiritual Unite

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