44 Life Themes Everyone Chooses Before Incarnation: Which One Did You Choose?

One of the most interesting and popular ‘past-life’ and incarnation concepts of the neo-spiritualists is certainly Sylvia Brown’s revolutionary book “My Guide, Myself”. Sylvia Brown in her book presents the new concept in which is elaborated how before incarnating in planet Earth, we choose a certain Life Theme determining our life path.

According to her, there are 44 possible themes that we choose from. Below you can see them, read something more about them and even find your own personal theme.

44 Life Themes Everyone Chooses Before Incarnation:

1.Activator. Activators are all around active troubleshooters who know how to do the right things at the right time. They are always here to reverse failure, get things right and set the record straight.

2.Aesthetic Pursuits. In this category are included all fine arts. The entities in this group are the ones who are fascinated by or fascinate with art. Those people have a good sense for aesthetic and they know what pure beauty and perfection really is.

3. Analyzer. This category is for all entitize who love to overthink everything, who are very precise and correct. Analyzers are often driven by science and technology. They are pretty inquisitive, want to know everything and, also, want to be part of new discoveries.

4. Banner Carrier. This group is for all those who fight for justice and freedom. The entities of this group are natural born leaders and often part of a demonstration, lobbying, leadership etc.

5.Builders. Builders are the hard workers who stand behind all achievements, collective and personal. They are the unsung heroes who work in the shadow, but play the key part in all stories.

6. Catalyst. These are the innovators and thinkers Catalysts are the most innovative and creative people who are responsible for the progress of humanity.

7. Cause Fighter. Cause fighters are entities who fight for those who are not able to fight for themselves. They are noble people who protect the others and fight for the greater good, peace and wellbeing.

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8.Controller. Dictators, manipulators, tricksters-all of them are entities of this group of people who want to control the masses or certain individuals.

9. Emotionality. These entities are the people who are the strongest empaths and live lives full of pure emotion. The use their strong emotions for many purposes, especially to raise their levels of creativity and spirituality.
10. Experiencer. The experience gets to master every pursuit they are bound to take. They could achieve anything they want, whether it be touring the world or becoming a bank president.

11. Fallibility. Entities in this life theme have entered life with a physical, mental, or emotional handicap. Their handicaps are what make them inspire people. Helen Keller is a great example.

12. Follower. Entities in this area choose to follow instead of to lead. They extremely know the success of the leaders wouldn’t be possible without their support.

13. Harmony. Balance is what drives entities to choose this life theme. They often offer sacrifices just to achieve the harmony that they desire to achieve.14. Healer. Individuals found in this theme are naturally drawn to the healing professions, physically or mentally.

15. Humanitarian. Humanitarians are involved in caring for people. They are often seen bandaging, teaching, holding, building, and so on. They love mankind so as to excuse them from their faults.

16. Infallibility. Entities in this theme are born rich, handsome, attractive, witty, and so forth. But this theme is very challenging as there is a tendency towards excesses of all kinds.

17. Intellectuality. This is a theme for the professional student. Charles Darwin fall in this category.

18. Irritant. An irritant innate quality is being pessimistic. They may appear to be challenging for us, but they are essential for our perfection and in learning the values of tolerance and patience.

19. Justice. People in this theme are concerned with fairness and equality. They are very much eager to become witnesses to a crime.

20. Lawfulness. The entities here keep the world safe and balanced. They are often seen as practicing or teaching law.

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21. Leader. Leaders are driven towards success. They are rarely innovators but excel in leading areas that are already established.

22. Loner. Loners are found in isolation and choose jobs that set them apart from others. They are generally happy with themselves.

23. Loser. Though born without handicaps, individuals in this theme are intensely negative. They are the martyrs who need our understanding and acceptance.

24. Manipulator. As one of the most powerful themes, manipulators get other people and circumstances to move to their advantage. When they work for the good, they elevate their higher purpose. But, when this theme is being misused, they can find difficulty in achieving them.

25. Passivity. Individuals having a passivity theme are often active about nothing. When they stand on issues, they do it in a nonviolent manner.

26. Patience. This theme is one of the most difficult paths to perfection. Individuals in this theme seem to go after perfection and feel guilty when they seem unable to go after their goals.

27. Pawn. Pawns trigger something of great magnitude into being. One example of this theme is the biblical Judas.

28. Peacemaker. Peacemakers work to end violence and war. However, they could be pushy in their desires.

29. Performance. Entities under this theme are the “party animals”. Some of them go after careers in the entertainment world while some only choose to entertain their families.

30. Persecution. People who choose this theme want to grow spiritually. They never get happy when they found themselves in pleasure.

31. Persecutor. This is one of the worst groups of entities. Here are the wife beaters, child abusers, psychopaths, murderesrs etc. They are the ‘bad seed’ that allows humanity to develop to perfection.

32. Poverty. These are the people in the third world countries. They are cursed with poverty and that is the key fragmet in lives of HUGE number of people. Most of them are empty on the inside because they need to constantly struggle with their own financial issues.

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33. Psychics. Psychics are the entities who have special spiritual abilities. These are the ‘enlightened’ among us and their wisdom is useful for humanity.

34. Rejection. Entities who choose this theme experience rejection and alienation even in early childhood. They will adopt surrogate mother or father figures, but have the ability to break this pattern once they recognize what is really happening.

35. Rescuer. The rescuer is found working alongside the cause fighter and will remain to care for the victim. They have high degrees of empathy and manifest strength to those who need it.

36. Responsibility. Individuals under this theme embrace their role with fervor and obligation. Not providing for everyone the way they should makes them feel guilty.

37. Spirituality. Individuals whose quest is to attain higher spirituality find their center. Once they reached their full potential, they become far-sighted, compassionate, and magnanimous.

38. Survival. Life is a constant struggle for individuals who choose the survival theme. They have a grim view of the day-to-day existence.

39. Temperance. The entities of this group are those ones who are driven by extremes. They are adrenalin addicts and want to live life full of excitment and action.

40. Victimizer. This is a group that asks for more attention and focus by the public. Occult groups who abuse people or make them abuse themselves by preaching sick indoctrination.

41. Victim. These are the people who are supposed to be sacrificial lambs of the victimizers. Their destiny is already determined. That’s why the pagan/satanist occult groups should be vanished from the face of Earth.

42.Tolerance. This is the group of all extremely tolerant people. This group also includes various types of empaths and people with extra sensory abilities.

43. Warrior. Warriors fight to protect their own people. Warriors are not afraid to die deep inside and they are always law enforcement officers or part of the military.

44. Winner. Winners are fascinated by the feeling of success and achieving. They love to win and are always optimistic.


Source: Spiritual Unite

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