9 Things Awakened Old Souls Do Differently Than Others…

Spiritual development and reaching a higher level of consciousness is one of the most beautiful things that could happen to anyone, especially to the Old Souls. However, the path to enlightenment is always hard and turbulent. It requires a lot of patience, faith, hard work, and persistence.

The Old Souls have that special past-life experience trapped inside them, they only need to find it. In their search for ‘THE TRUTH’ of all existence and spiritual divinity, they feel like looking at an old photograph trying to remember who the people on the photo are. They are extrasensory and they could find their path to the truth easier. However, their knowledge and abilities require many things to be done differently.

When they awake their spirits, they become quite different human beings than the rest of us.

These are the 9 things only an Awakened Old Soul can understand:

1.They believe in life after death.

Well, the reincarnation has been always an interesting topic for all spiritualist, but for the old souls, life after death is normal thing. They subconsciously and intuitively know that the existence doesn’t end here, in this world.

2. They believe in the concept of reincarnation

Just like we already said, they respect and value the concept of reincarnation. They don’t bother with the truth behind reincarnation like the most of us, they just let the things go and accept the truth as it is.

3. They follow their life purpose.

They know what the truth and the purpose of their existence are. They are not afraid to follow their dreams and fight for what they think is right. They know in which direction their soul is going to evolve.

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4. They have the power to manifest their desires

Of course, they know how to get what they want. Why? Because they are always open and they also respect and value the manifestation of honesty and earnestly. However, Awaken Old Soul is NEVER greedy or evil. Ther desires always have a point and a higher purpose. They don’t intend to hurt others for their desires.

5. They feel authentic love.

Their senses and spirit are awakened. The love they feel is unique and strong. They have the capability to love unconditionally. Awaken old souls will literally give their hearts if needed for the people they love. They are extremely loyal and honest.

6. They are responsible and accountable.

This is also a great social trait of Awaken Old Souls. They don’t run away from responsibilities. They take credit for their actions and they know that their beliefs require strong faith and many obligations.

7.They need constant reflection.

Reflection is essential to the Old Soul. Slipping from their visions and purpose may not be avoided, but consistent reflection steers them back in their right direction. Awakened Old Souls know exactly when they steer off from their path, they know when they need to take time to reflect and get back on track.

8. They feel the oneness and connectedness of all

The concept of micro-macro cosmos is not unknown to the Awaken Old Souls. They acknowledge the huge life circle in the Universe an they respect every little creature and object. They believe that everything has a soul and everything is mutually connected.

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9. They are open to transformation

Believe it or not, Awaken Old Souls are always ready for radical changes. If they have a strong purpose, they could completely transform themselves. However, to make them change you need to have a lot of credit and a really good purpose. You cannot manipulate Awaken Old Soul.

Source: Life Coach Code

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