The Amazing City Where People Live Without Politics, Religion And Money

This is one wonderful place located in the South part of India, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before because you see this place is completely freed from society’s values like money politics and religion. On the contrary, this place has it’s one trade system that works for everyone. People from all over the world choose to go there in order to gain spiritual harmony and knowledge, as well as personal progress and growth, which in today’s society often lacks.

The name Auroville is derived from Sri Aurobindo who was a philosopher and spiritual leader who is very well known in India just like Mahatma Gandhi.

Auroville was founded by in the sixties by the above mentioned Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa also known as “The Mother”, all with the purpose of creating one spiritual sanctuary where everyone who wants to get to know their inner self is welcomed. They defined the religion and spirituality as something very personal and hard to define, you could say relative, and every individual tends to have different perception of it, but nevertheless it’s something that needs to get renewed to grow and to bring you peace and harmony, because let’s face it sometimes the religion that we face in our society can often become a tool for control of the masses and sometimes even become dogmatic and dull.

Today more than 2000 people live there, even though most of them are Hindu, still, there are many people from all over the world that create diversity and harmony.

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However you should now that Auroville is not the only place of this kind, on the contrary, there are many like it but still, it’s so far the only one that has Unesco’s protection and is recognized as an international city.
This place sets a wonderful example of how the future of our world should be in order to have healthier fulfilled life and have a meaning and purpose in it.

Source: Peace Quarters

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