When We Go Through The Twin Flame Merging Process

The twin flame connection is definitely one of the strongest in all universe. To find your romantic soulmate and the spirit who is eternally connected with yours is something fascinating. However, not everybody succeeds in their intentions to form and keep a strong bond between the two partners.

We live in hard and dark times. The spirituality of most of the humans in the 21st century is on an abysmal level. The human spirit is pushed in misery, while materialism, conformism, and consumerism are the main purposes of the existence of so many people. Or most probably the fake purpose, because they are too blind to even think of looking for a higher purpose in life and nurturing their spirits.

That’s why the twin flames are really hard to find each other, and when they do, in this dynamic and ferocious life it is really hard to keep the bond strong and discover the divine power of love when two twin flames decide to unite their souls.

To discover what really merges two twin flames you need to always keep the light of love before anything else. You need to see eachother as catalysts of each other’s lives. You cannot survive without each other. However, you need to get rid of ego. Your ego needs to be changed with the light of love and see the things from a different perspective. Keep your dignity, but open your heart. Twin flames have the special empathic abilities and they should use them.

This means that you should always focus on what YOUR TWIN FLAME is feeling deep inside his soul, not what you are feeling at your own. “Me” is permanently transformed in “Us” and that’s how the things should work. Taking for granted is also a huge mistake. Twin flames discover new secrets of the universe and the power of love every single day.

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Care for your partner and fight for his attention, passion and smile every day. That’s how you keep not your twin flame only, but every single healthy relationship between two people who really love each other. The special ability of the twin flames is that they can really feel what their partner exactly feels. The cosmic balance makes their emotions and love stronger than you can imagine, but still, they need to ‘materialize’ their love to make it last.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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