Twin Flame Connection And Number 22

The Twin Flame connection is one of the strongest in the whole universe. The twin flame concept is very old and us, humans, are determined to respect the divine spiritual bonds created by God. Every single object in the universe is an energy field, as well as us, humans. The connection between two Twin Flames is one huge outburst of high-frequency vibration- the positive energy that is the main reason for the progress of humanity.

However, Twin Flames are driven towards and away from each other according to the energy and the vibration between them. When two Twin Flames meet it is a cosmic event. However, in this article, we will mention another Twin Flame phenomenon. Not long ago we explained the connection between synchronicity, 11:11 and Twin Flames. This time we share the Twin Flame number- 22.

Twin flames and 22 are connected to each other in many ways. 22 is a master number which tells us that two parallel events are aligned, and the universe is pulling strings to bring twin flames closer to each other.

Twin flames never deny the importance of numerology in their relationship. Twins know that they can never hurt each other knowingly because they love each other too much and their bond can outgun the invisible forces of fear, and lead them towards a state of peace.

Twin Flames respect numerology, especially in a relationship. The number 22 floats the possibility of reconciliation. This means that whenever twin flames are separated, this number gives them a glimmer of hope. This number represents the chance of fixing up a relationship and restoring old ties. The number 22 represents the number of hope and eternity of all Twin Flames.

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To keep their relationship strong they need to get over their egos. Numerology is strong, but not so powerful to keep two souls together if they work against it. Understanding, empathy and unconditional love are always the right answer to all questions.


Source: Spiritual Unite

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