Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth

To grow as a person you need to learn few important things. It is easy to speak about spiritual stuff, but it’s very hard to practice, to feel the joy and the pain of this world, but to feel the true ones, outside the matrix where 90% of all humans are trapped inside.

We are impatient beings. That’s probably one of our biggest flaws. However, eventually, everybody gets something if they fight hard to get it. The most important step in self-development is definitely to ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF. Without this, you will never be able to learn the truths about yourself and your destiny.

Every single one of us has a special purpose in this life. Probably most of us had made pacts or determined the role on Earth, but still, nobody knows what their true purpose is. Well, not exactly… The people who are spiritually advanced and who try to open the gates of their soul and mind with meditation and hard work, will sooner or later find what their own TRUTH is.

You need to understand that nobody will ever be able to show you the contracts of your soul before coming to Earth. Each person needs to walk the path alone. The path is heavy and complicated, but the true believers and fighters deserve to know the truth. Why? Because they proved experienced and wise enough not to abuse what they learn.

Also, one of the main purposes to all contracts of souls before coming to Earth is to subconsciously teach the people that THEY NEED TO STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES. If you want answers you need to search for the truth on your own, not to expect any miracle, but to be the miracle yourself

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Everybody has a potential to find out what his purpose in this life is. However, every ‘reward’ requires a lot of effort, patience, and faith.

You need to be covered in darkness to see the light, you need to be shown hatred, to know what love really is… So, be prepared for many unwanted and surprising answers about yourself. However, we can always develop and change.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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