This 8 Minute Surgery Will Give You Superhuman Vision… Forever.

One thing in the modern technology is useful, for sure. That’s the technological discoveries that help humans live longer and healthier. Many spiritually advanced people are disgusted by the dark destruction of the modern technology of everything that was once considered ‘human’. That’s true, the modern average person is obsessed with technology, mass media, social media etc.

However, as we already said, some technological discoveries in some other science fields are precious for humanity. Dr. Garth Webb and his team of scientists develop a new bionic eye lens that would give humans 3×20/20 vision at any age.

This will be a great refreshment in the looking glass industry. This project is currently processed in Columbia, but as the first huge steps were extremely successful, it is expected to spread in a couple of more countries.

These remarkable lenses will allow the patients to have pure vision. The eye-care industry expects this great lens to completely end the need for driving glasses or progressive lenses.

This is what Dr. Webb said about his project- the great revolutionary lens that would enable patients of any age to have a perfect vision.

“This is vision enhancement that the world has never seen before,” he says. “If you can just barely see the clock at 10 feet, when you get the Bionic Lens you can see the clock at 30 feet away.”

Webb also told CBS that only for the last eight years his project cost over $3million. He is planning to invest more in research and development fields, as well as the acquisition of international patens and securing of a biomedical manufacturing facility. It seems that soon, very soon we will be able to wear the spectacular lenses designed by Dr. Garth Webb.

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This is also proved by the recent gathering of the top 14 ophthalmologists in California, during the San Diego ASCRS summit.
“I think this device is going to bring us closer to the holy grail of excellent vision at all ranges — distant, intermediate and near,” said Dr. Vincent DeLuise, famous ophthalmologist who teaches both at Yale University and NYC’s WC Medical College.

This lens is considered to be extremely popular because Dr. Webb predicts that the average surgery wouldn’t last longer than 8 min. by any circumstances. Simply amazing!

Source: Collective Evolution

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