Your Body Knows When Death Is Near & It Begins In Your Nose: Study Reveals

The human body is definitely the masterpiece of the Creator of the universe and time. The human body hides so many secrets and it’s a perfect mechanism of many beautiful and extravagant things combined. There is no other creature on this planet as capable and intelligent as the human. However, humans still struggle with some of their biggest issues and symbol for a dark mystery- the DEATH.

Death is still one of the biggest mysteries of humanity, as old as the human himself. Spiritually advanced people, as well as many doctors and scientists, claim that there are many reports of patients behaving exactly the same before dying. Some of them even knew what’s about to come and their ‘sixth sense’ was telling them they are going to die.

This is not very common, to consciously wait to die, but it’s very common to unconsciously feel one’s death right before it happens. Some people might argue that there is no such thing as knowing your death time and the cases, where people start to say goodbye before dying, are purely a coincidence.

A study was conducted at the University of Kent’s School of Psychology, which researched the possibility that people detect their death through scent. For example, some people smell the connection between emotion and scent.

One great advice: If someone you really love is in a hospital or just want to see you as fast as possible, then you MUST definitely find time to visit them. Maybe they feel the end is near and want to say the last goodbye to you. Never underestimate the power of intuition and spirit.

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Source: Peace Quarters

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