Here’s What A Woman’s Birth Month Says About Her

If you are a woman, in this article you will see what the month you are born tells about you! Scroll down to find out for yourself!


You are being a wholesome person and you are always able to make people feel at ease. You are fun person to be around and people love your positive vibrations. Loving you is the easiest thing to do and your social skills are your strongest weapon.


Believe it or not, you are an emotional hideout for the people in pain. You are the great shoulder to cry on and that makes you an amazing friend. You are also a romantic, sensitive and passionate person. You are sexy, alluring, sexy and irresistible. You also know how to make your partner feel loved, special and respected.


You are always in the spotlight even if you don’t want to. You make great first impressions on everybody you meet and also, you inspire and motivate people, you are the role model of the younger women in your social circles. You are considered to make the things right, to be precise and calm. In a romantic relationship, you are patient, thoughtful and sweet.


Family and friendship are the most important things in your life. You are not interested in money, fame or professional success. You have your own stability in the material world because you are a quick learner, hard worker, and very adaptable person. There is nothing you can’t figure out and that’s why you are not afraid to sacrifice many material things for the people you love.

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5. MAY

You are considered to be an unusually intelligent person. You fascinate people with the capabilities of your brain and they always ask you for advice. However, you are more than just a brain. You are a reasonable person, but full of emotions. You love to host parties and dinners, you want to be surrounded by people who admire your success.


You are a generous person, you are not selfish when it comes to money, material goods, energy, time and even emotions. Friends respect you and love you- you are extremely sociable person that is widely known in many social circles. However, you don’t let your reputation corrupt your behavior. You are resistable to mean people, sadness, depression, negative energy, manipulation etc. Don’t let others abuse your ‘great heart’.


You have a unique personality and you love unique things and people. You want to try everything, at least for once. People love to be around you because of your fun attitude, adventurous spirit and huge amounts of positive energy.


You have a great combo of strong personality and physical beauty. You are like a precious flower that needs nurturing. Your family and friends will come to you because you are wise, but they don’t know how pure and innocent soul you are. You need to focus on yourself and your personal growth- don’t bother with other people unless you’re feeling strong and mature. However, you are a soft soul, you are the best peacemaker and mediator.


You are a stubborn person and a ‘heavyweight fighter’! If you want something, nothing can hold you back, there is no obstacle you can’t overcome. People respect your charismatic character and even your stubbornness because they love to see people fighting for their dreams. You are one of those people who fight for their dreams without any moment of hesitation. You are a true inspiration to the people who want to radically change their lives.

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You have a special kind of soul that lets people know they can trust you. You are most likely an empath and you have a strong intuition and sense when something is going wrong. You have great abilities to be a spiritual leader, psychologist, doctor etc. You will always be kind to people no matter what.


You are the person that loves people with all their flaws! You are the ‘master’ of making people feel accepted and comfortable. You also value friendship. You are seen by the people as some kind of a leader and authoritative person, so nobody will ever mess around with you. Anyway, your abilities to help people feel comfortable and accepted should be used wisely. Many people will try to get under your skin just to be in your social circle.


You are the joy-bringer! Some might see you as the ‘trixter’, but who cares… You have a special personality type with great sense of humor, as well as big heart full of love. You make friends easily and you are always asking others if they need help. You are the light in the lives of many, even if you haven’t realized that by now.

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