Intense Energies Begin Flooding The Planet This Week as The Lunar Eclipse Approaches

As the time’s passing by, the new lunar eclipse approaches. Be aware, this is going to be a special time of the year and also, a special time for every spiritually advanced person.

Anyway, the strong energy of this important cosmic energy is already ‘visible’. Even the people who are not spiritually advanced at all will feel the effects of the upcoming huge energy wave. The new eclipse will enable many radical changes in our solar system, as well as on individuals.

You need to be prepared. You will feel anxiety and your energy will be depending on your mood swings and behavior. You will certainly feel the change in the energy around you, especially if you are a spiritually advanced person.

Be aware that the energy of the lunar eclipse is a positive tide of energy, but first, a huge cleansing will be performed. There will be an ‘explosion’ of negativity. Apathy, depression, and anxiety will be common to many people because that’s what this world is filled with.

However, soon you will feel a HUGE RELIEF. That’s when the lunar eclipse wave of positive energy is starting to blast out. During the time leading up to the lunar eclipse from now on, you will most likely begin noticing small things out of place and people acting strangely. Do not think too much of it, because eclipses make people do odd things. Soon, you will realize that you face all your frustrations in life, or at least most of them, and you have the chance to get rid of them.

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The lunar eclipse gives you the perfect opportunity to practice WHITE LIGHT MEDITATION/HEALING. If you practice white light meditation frequently during the lunar eclipse you have the chance to get over all of your frustrations and, most importantly, set your vibration on high frequency and bring your positivity on a whole new level. Your positivity will be the light that will guide your path to finding the purpose of your existence and true wisdom.

Never fear the lunar eclipse. It is a chance to accept yourself and overcome your flaws. Also, it could be a great spiritual experience that is going to help you grow as a person for sure.

Source: Awareness Act

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