5 Ways To Be a Healer & Not Just An Empath Who Absorbs Pain

Highly sensitive people or empaths, as we call them, are the precious gift of humanity. Empaths are extremely special because of their abilities. Through the history, empaths were highly respected and very often in some ancient civilization treated as divine beings.

Empaths are not just a good shoulder to cry on, but they have great perceptive powers and empathic abilities that could help many people find out what their mental or even physical issues are. We all need to embrace our emotions and empathic abilities. Every single one of us has those abilities, especially if you are a sensitive person. Believe it or not, our empathic abilities could heal us, thrive us and better serve humanity.

These are the five steps to healing for the sensitive people:

1. Determine True Responsibility

If you want to be a healer, first you need to get over all your fatigue and stay extremely focused. Your ways of meditation should be your guide to reaching spiritual strength and enlightenment. However, you need to know that you should determine your life path and take full responsibility for your actions. Taking other person’s issues on your back could be very dangerous if you are not ready to take the burden. Sometimes even talking to people with anxiety, depression, fear etc; could make us feel unpleasant or create our own issues.

That’s why you need to consider the importance of the energy fields. You need to be always positive and spread positive energy. Be aware that most of the people are vibrating in low-frequency vibrations that may be very hard for you to deal with. That’s why you need to take responsibility, stay focused and work hard.

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2. The Keyhole

If you are a trained and advanced empath and pass the first step, then you need to know about the special empath intuition to know what to do in the exact situation with the exact people. You won’t only absorb and vanish their negativity, but you will know exactly how to comfort and heal the person. You will know when do you need to raise their awareness or show them compassion, you will know when to encourage the person to do something or stop them in their intentions.

However, you need to know that if you are too open to their information (trying to heal them) you need to go all the way until the end. You need to let their negative energy flow through you and not let affect you in any way.

3. The Body Scan

This will be very difficult at first. However, if you are already an advanced empath who ‘owns’ the first two steps, this will be one of your greatest achievements. When you are totally detached from your ego and spiritually strong, you will be able to make a body scan. You will be able to enter the other person’s body and with your spirit heal all of his physical and mental issues. However, this is a hard practice that requires detaching from oneself and being one with nature and the energy of the universe.

4. Return to Sender

Very interesting healing practice- sometimes you just need to open your eyes and search for lost souls. Some people want to know the true purpose of their existence and want to reach their own psychological and mental divinity. However, everyone walks the path ALONE and each of the paths is different than the others. However, the healing methods of the empath will enable and encourage the ‘truth seeker’ to walk the heavy path without any harm.

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5. Recalibration

After the first steps, you will feel that you’ve already become a healer. However, you need to keep on practicing the healing methods over and over again using the same pattern. The recalibration will let you keep your energy strong and be followed by a good karma. That is one of the key features, like we already said, for being a good and successful healer. Never lose hope or be discouraged if you face failure, but grow stronger and dedicate more to your holy mission.

Source: Mystical Raven

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