The 7 Types Of Empaths Who Are Here To Change The World

In this article, we share the 7 types of empaths that change the world. Empaths are the precious gift of society and we need to appreciate and respect them.

1. Emotional Empath

Emotional empaths are often overwhelmed by the world they live in. They are always the ones who are supposed to be hit by the tornado of emotions and feelings of the others around them. That’s in a way a special ability, but also a burden. Emotional empaths can experience the emotions and feelings of other people within their own body.

2. Medical/Pgysical Empath

You always know when a person is not feeling well. Medical empaths have strong sensory abilities for the physical issues of the people around them. Most of the medical empaths work as nurses, doctors, healers etc.

3. Geomantic Empath

You are the kind of empath that loves nature, environment, people and everything connected with the collective form of existence. That’s what you feel and predict the best- your intuition is connected with nature and that’s what you feel best- nature, plants, animals, colors etc.

4. Plant Empath

This is the empath who feels the plants. This is some kind of a ‘sub-kind’ of the Geomantic Empath, but the plant empaths are focused only on plants. They could seek connection with the plant’s spirit and communicate with plants.

5. Animal Empath

An animal empath is a person who feels deeply connected with animals. He/she knows what they need and can feel into their thoughts and emotions. They usually end up working as veterinarians. Many animal empaths will feel called to work in shelters and will give their energy to help those animals heal and become whole again.

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#6 Claircognizant or Intuitive Empath

This empath just has to look at a person or place their awareness on them and they will start downloading information about their life and past. They will know their habits, blockages, and lifestyle choices. This can be very overwhelming and if this empath doesn’t know how to distinguish between his/her own thoughts and emotions and those of others then he/she can find herself in many co-dependent relationships or getting caught up in business that they have no place in being.

#7 Mirror Empath or a Heyoka

Heyoka’s are the native American empaths who are considered to be the pioneers of the empathic shamanism and practices. Mirror empaths or Heyoka empaths feel other people’s emotions and thoughts, and they manifest them in front of other people. They are driven by the other people’s actions and they repeat the negative behavior or thoughts to show the social group that someone among them is a traitor, for instance.


Source: Mystical Raven

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