9 Easy Comebacks for Dealing with Rude People

Most of the time, generally speaking,  people are trying to be the best version of themselves by helping and complimenting others, and it’s really great.

However as good as someone can be, the negative energy they have gathered in themselves because of a certain event, can very easily be transferred to other people in form of insult, arrogance, and humiliation.

Given this point it’s probably inevitable that the victim will be offended, when certain things are said,  such as ” Oh my god you’ve gained so much weight”, or “So you’re still single”, ” You’ve really aged lately”. These are just a few of the many things that can get you frustrated, sad and unhappy. Again you have to understand that these people have issues, and they are projecting them on you, so it’s important to know that these frustrations have nothing to do with you, but everything to do with those unhappy cynical people.

It’s only natural that your gut instinct will tell you to defend or justify yourself as if you’re the one that’s wrong, but fortunately, we are here to help you with this unpleasant situations and handling them as a decent person that you truly are.

1. I appreciate your point of view

By saying this you will show the other person that you are mature and more importantly that you are not sinking to his/her level, and you will give a decent adult image of yourself, leaving him/her feeling ashamed for insulting you in the first place. And always have this in mind “I AM NOT WHAT YOU THINK I AM. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK I AM.”

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2. Thank you

I know it sounds hard, saying thank you to someone who just ruined your day, or maybe even week, but trust me by doing this you show this person that their words don’t mean anything nor affect you in any way. This will catch the other person off guard because let’s be honest it’s the last thing they were expecting from you, and will make her/him shut down completely, once they see their words have no power over you.

3. That almost hurt my feelings

This one sounds better, doesn’t it? Of course, it contains a pinch of sarcasm in it, and it will show the rude person that their intention to hurt you was a very immature and unsuccessful move and that you are not as weak as they think you are but quite the opposite, that will take a lot more to break you down.

4 Your negativity amazes me

This is one of my favorite things to say to the rude people,  because it’s a gamechanger. It removes all the focus from you and backs onto them, and they are inevitably facing that they are the ones with the problem, not you. Not to mention that this will result in them feeling bad and, thinking twice the next time they try to hurt someone.

5. You’re right  

I know most people find it hard to say these words, especially if their ego is in question, but once I explain this, you will understand that suits the situation perfectly. In essence with saying this you immediately finish the conversation and leave the other person speechless, because let’s face it, they didn’t see that one coming did they? They will shut down and discourage to insult you because once again it was a complete and utter failure.

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6. Laugh at it

Again the success of these comebacks lies in the surprise element. The person will realize that their comments are equivalent of a joke to you, and not only they don’t insult, nor hurt you, but they are totally irrelevant to you. So once again laugh my dear, for the joke’s on them.

7. I love myself and I love you too

Generally speaking, this can be applied to closer people like family or close friends, because you wouldn’t say I love you to a random stranger. This comeback might sound insincere and weak, but quite the opposite, you show the other person that your positivity, you light is incomparably stronger than their darkness, which results with them rethinking their actions and words, and without doubt, positive energy will transfer on them and their mood will improve.

8. This conversation is over

By saying this you show them who is actually in charge and that you’re no longer interested in listening to their rubbish.  This comeback should mostly be used in extreme cases when you’re really hurt and your dignity is broken because sometimes you need to respect yourself more and show the other person that they crossed the line and their behavior is simply unacceptable.

9.Pure Ignorance

Sometimes you just don’t need to say a word. Mean people are ‘thirsty’ for reaction, they want to see you suffering, they want to see if their attempt caused any effect on you. This will also teach you how to train your patience and how to lecture your enemies in silence.

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Source: Power of Positivity

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