How Many of These 21 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms do YOU Have?

Find out if you are spiritually awakened person, according to these 50 indications.

How many of them fit your character?

1 Unexplainable outbursts of emotion

You ever feel like the outside world has a big influence on your emotions, and it’s so intense that sometimes you lose control over them and start crying, or sudden outburst of anger and rage even at the slightest provocation from someone? It doesn’t even have to be anger, it could also be about unexplainable happiness, anyway. All of this is a pressure of emotions that the heart chakra located in the chest is filled with, and it indicates you have certain spirituality for you feel more than others and your body and mind can’t handle all these emotions as some other person could.

Next time you feel this, take this little piece of advice: Don’t try to fight or stop these feelings, but accept and embrace them instead. Go directly to your heart chakra and breath the emotion, with long slow breaths from your stomach all the way to your chest. It’s very important to not direct your feelings towards anything nor anyone and soon enough the emotion will pass, and you will feel calmer.

2 Sleep issues like insomnia restlessness or hot feet syndrome

Have you ever not been able to fall asleep when you’re very tired or had an exhausting day, or falling asleep but all the time feeling like you’re half awake, or waking up couple times during your sleep. This happens mostly because you might be having sudden waves of energy floating through your body, but as good as it can be for you as a spiritual being, it’s also the reason for your restlessness, because that same energy running through your body keeps you awake.

Advice Next time you suffer from these symptoms, don’t overthink them, and don’t worry about them or the reasons why you cant get a decent sleep. Instead of being anxious, just try and relax imagining how comfortable you are and how good the sleeping is, take deep breaths knowing that everything will be okay.

3 Activity at the crown of your head

Have you ever felt strange tingling vibrations around the scalp of your head, not like having a headache but more like unsettling itchy sensation? Feelings of energy coming from your head, and going down your spine, almost as if someone is creating some sort of pressure with their finger on the center of your head, and this sometimes even resulting with getting goosebumps on your body?

Advice Don’t feel anxious or terrified about this because what you’re actually experiencing is the opening of your crown chakra, and your body is getting ready to feel all that divine energy.

4 Strange food intolerances or allergies you’ve never had before

This happens mostly because when you’re going through a spiritual awakening, your body automatically wants to clean out the toxins, and it’s a sigh that certain food is not productive for your body and it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore, that’s why some food becomes intolerable and your body can’t handle it.

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Advice Take more care of your body and the food and nutrition that you are getting through the day and make sure that they consist more in natural organic vegetables and fruits as well as food rich with fiber. Also, it helps if you hold 2 tablespoons of cold virgin olive oil in your mouth for 10 minutes and then spit it in your toilet. This might sound weird but it actually helps a lot.

5 Experiencing strange food cravings

Certain people that go through spiritual awakening claim to have reduced appetite, while others tend to have increased appetite and hunger, as well as cravings for a specific food.

Advice Don’t deny your body’s needs and craves, for they exist for reason, bless the food you are eating and feel grateful for it.

6 Body changes such as weight gain or loss

While most people in the world lose weight, due to a certain food crisis, it’s strange how people in America in these past years suffer from increased weight gain. The reason why you might be gaining weight more than usual is because your subconscious might have suppressed fears, and it’s resulting in stress and probably binge eating.

Advice Don’t get alarmed about your weight gain/loss because is merely a symptom of what you’re going through and it’s coming on the surface in order to be healed. When you face and deal with your inner fears and issues, this problem will disappear in due time.

7 Intensiveness in your senses

7.1 Increased sense of smell touch and taste You notice certain chemicals aromas and fragrances more than before, even smells that are not intense like flowers, and things that most of the people are not able to sense, and this is actually a good thing, even though it might feel frustrating or distracting at times

Advice Enjoy the aroma of the food, and the fragrance you smell, and embrace that moment, knowing that you’re blessed with those abilities.

7.2 Sight  Your vision is now better,  but not always sometimes things might appear blurry, certain colors more vivid, you might even be seeing elusive things from the corner of your eye, also is quite possible that you start seeing auras in different colors surrounding certain people. Sometimes when your eyes are open or closed you might see objects happening outside your gaze center- your peripheral vision.

Advice There is nothing to be scared of. Quite the opposite you’re getting new eyes, new deeper vision on your perception of the world and your surrounding. Be thankful for it.

7.3  Hearing  It depends. Sometimes your hearing might be increased and in other cases decreased. The sounds that are intense are mostly music tones, annoying beeps in the head, white noise, ringing, bees buzzing, certain melody as well as water rushing sound. Some sounds can also be heard while sleeping, almost as if someone is whispering or hovering near you, but once again my advice to you is, don’t get scared and more importantly don’t fight it. The best thing you could do is ask politely the presence to leave you alone, and pray.

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8 Changes in your meditation experience You are having difficulties in focusing and concentrating on meditating. You also might not be feeling the energy and the connection with the holy spirit, like you used to.

Advice Don’t worry what’s happening is that now you’re even more connected to the spirit that before and that’s why you’re unable to see the difference. What’s important is that you will adjust to these new feelings and your meditation time will be shorter, because you are spiritually experienced now and you’re able to connect with the holy spirit faster than before.

9 Bad skin conditions If you are experiencing certain skin conditions such as acne, moles, rashes or hive outbreaks, it’s probably a sign of having repressed emotions mostly anger and rage, and these outbreaks are the result of it.

Advice You need to process these suppressed emotions and problems, and then, only then your physical symptoms that surfaced on your skin because you didn’t deal with them on time will disappear.

10. Episodes of intense energy which make you want to leap out of bed and into action

You will be lethargic and fatigued. Some things are above your power and control, you need to accep tis fact and follow the shifts in your life. The time of integration has come and you need to catch the ‘wave’.

Advice: Use the power and energy of nature. Your pressure and doubt won’t help you. Leave your emotion guide you.

11. Changes in prayer or meditation.

Each spiritual experience is uniqye, maybe if you became more ‘original’ in your ways of reaching meditation that’s how you will fin the purpose of your existence.

Advice: You need to spend more time with yourself. Spend more time with your spirit and find out what your really sensations are. You will adapt to your new feelings and adapt to your new self. This will also help establish a strong partnership with another person.

12.Emotional and mental confusion:

Of course, this comes naturally. If you start your spiritual awakening you will certainly feel confusion and doubt. Your emotions and thoughts won’t go in the right direction, or at least you think that you are not in control of the situation.

Advice: Hear your heart and always stay focused. Meditation and dedication to your spiritual cleansing will help you overcome all your weaknesses.

13. Creativity Burst

You will feel like all your images, ideas, thoughts, pain and joy could be materialized. However, your creativity is mirror of your soul, don’t let others fog your path to spirituality and wholeness.

Advice: The least you can do is record these inspirations and use them in your favor. Don’t get too much obsessed with your subconscious motives, but still use the creativity to grow as a person.

14. Impatience

You won’t feel at ease. The world is a cruel place, and you will feel the need to reach your goal as fast as possible. The spiritual awakening is one of the most important events in one’s life, so you need to handle the pressure.

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Advice: Learn how to live in the moment. Your impatience will only bring bad karma to you and mess up your plans. Patience is bliss, learn how to become steady and stable.

15. A feeling that you are somehow different.

A disquieting sense that everything in your life feels new and altered, that you have left your old self behind. You have. You are much greater than you can possibly imagine. There is more to come.

16. Invisible Presences

Be not afraid. This really is the woo-woo stuff, but it is just a result of your huge mental and physcal exhaustion combined with your imagination.

Advice: This really is a sensitive topic. Try to contact a specialist, sleep more and always stay in touch with your consciousness. Your spiritual awakening might be overwhelming, but you still have the power to get the things done the right way.

17. Electrical and mechanical malfunctions:
When you are around, lightbulbs flicker, the computer locks up, or the radio goes haywire.

Advice: Call to prayer. Call all your saviors, angels and try to absorb the whole positive energy. It seems that the bad spirits are plaguing you, but your lightness is always stronger if you know how to use it.

18. Increased synchronicity and many small miracles.

Look for more of these. Synchronicity is considered to be one of the most important sings that something important is happening.

Advice: Always consider your intuition. You will never know what your inner self is trying to tell you. Don’t you dare to miss a chance!

19. Communication with spirit

Contacts with creatures on a higher level of existence may also be a sign of a spiritual awakening. It may seem that you are the ‘cjosen one’ and you have the special ability to comunicate with beings from higher levels of existence, but you are just experiencing your spiritual awakening.

20. Feeling closer to animals and plants

This is also a good sing. The connection with nature is sacred and it always “channels” some deep truths from your roots You will sense that the mother nature is calling for you and you will know exactly how to respond.

Advice: Always keep in touch with mother nature. Care and nurture your environment. The connection with nature is one of the key componetnts of seeking a higher state of conscoisness and spiritual awakening.

21. Living your purpose:

You will finally find the true purpose of your existence in this world. This is certainly the most important sign of spiritual awakening.

Advice: Use your TRUTH to grow as a person and live your life full of happiness. If you are a strong and developed spirit, use your abilities and wisdom to guide others to the right path.

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