7 Major Differences Between Truly Awakened People & Those Who Are Only Pretending

To seek spiritual divinity and find the purpose of your existence is one of the hardest things one could achieve. The world is a cruel place, we all know that, but the ones who stay spiritually and mentally strong are the ones who are going to find the true goal at the end of their path.

However, some people want to disguise as spiritualists. They are crafty manipulators who are going to try to use their fake ‘divinity’ to manipulate you and even harm you. In this article we share the 7 differences that distinct a truly awakened person from a false one:

1. They know that multiple paths exist

They know very well that EVERY SINGLE SOUL NEEDS TO WALK THE PATH ALONE! Of course, advice from an advanced spiritual person is always welcome, but on the other hand, NOBODY could tell you what ‘the TRUTH’ really is. So, if somebody wants to pompously tell you what the true secret of your existence is- he is most certainly manipulating you.

2. They have no pretentious airs

They don’t really care about their true achievements. They are completely beyond their egos, and that’s why true spiritual teachers are often considered ‘unimportant’. They don’t need to be in the spotlight, they have no complexes and frustrations. They should show you what true modesty and dignity really are. They should teach you how to distinct PRIDE from DIGNITY.

3. They impart knowledge of love and freedom

They truly value love and freedom. According to the true spiritualists, love is the strongest power in this world, and freedom is the undisputed right of every human being. The true teacher will always value your freedom and your own experiences and views. They will give you the freedom to decide if you are going to follow their guidance or not.

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4. They are least bothered by money

The material world, as the ‘new wave’ nominates it, is completely neglected by the true teachers. The true spiritualist is focused on his journey and the higher purpose of existence. We can waste and earn money- they are a temporary advantage that will help us build comfortability and even better social connections. Anyway, money will never give you a true happiness and fulfillment. Your spiritual teacher will certainly show you why.

5. They welcome criticism positively

They are pretty well aware that we are constantly LEARNING and DEVELOPING until the day we day. That’s why the true spiritual master will welcome criticism positively. Despite the fact the true spiritualist is way above his ego, materialism and consumerism, the true spiritualist will always look for a way to improve themselves and grow as a person.

6. They are calm and patient with you

They truly value patience and calamity. They will never rush you to learn some ‘important’ lessons or give you a punishment. They will always wait for you to find your way, just as someone else waited for them to find their own goal on their path of finding the true purpose of existence. Their patience will certainly inspire you and motivate you to show them that their faith in you was not in vain.

7. They are very humble and generous

Of course, generosity will always be the main trait of every good spiritual teacher. They should be always able to give you part of their material and spiritual world. Their experience should not be your guide, but good advice how not to make some certain mistakes. They are also humble and their love will give you more strength and understanding to pass all obstacles on your path to spiritual enlightenment.

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Source: Soul Travel Rules

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