These Three Zodiac Signs Have The Strongest Sense of Intuition

The concept of intuition and hypersensitivity is as old as humanity. There is no doubt, us, humans, have special ability to feel the energy around us. The energy is the ultimate ‘touch’ we have with the ‘creator’ or the source of all energy and purpose of existence.

However, some of us are way more intuitive than the others. Some of us are even considered ‘psychics, but the truth is- all of us can be ‘psychics’ in a way. It is all about the focus, hard work, meditation, various spiritual practices, and faith.

Anyway, we need to admit that some of us have naturally better intuition. In this article, we reveal which 3 zodiac signs have the strongest intuition.


Scorpios are passionate in a very strange and unique way. Their intuition is like their second brain that operates at full capacity and all abilities of your ‘gut’ need to be appreciated and respected. However, your huge self-confidence and ruthlessness may not always be the best guide in your life. Sometimes you need to find balance and create good tactics to be successful and happy in life. Anyway, you are a walking lie detector and use this advantage to establish strong social connections.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the master of meditation. Their special abilities in meditation are incomparable with any other zodiac sign. If you are born under this sign, spend as much as possible time with your inner self. Your meditation abilities are special and unique so you could even establish a connection with other souls via telepathy and help them solve their both physical and psychological issues using your spiritual healing. However, be cautious. The shifts in other dimensions and manipulating energy through spiritual practices could be dangerous if you are not experienced and advanced.

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Of course, it is widely known that Pisces is intuitive and intellectual. Pisces are on this list too. They are naturally born with strong intuition and have huge spiritual capabilities. They are open-minded and that is their biggest advantage and flaw at the same time. Stay open-minded and adventurous, but always keep in mind that the balance in life is more important.

Source: David Wolfe

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