This Girl Was Born With Her Heart Outside & Here’s How She Lives

The 8-year-old Virsaviya Borun-Goncharova was born with a rare heart condition unlike any other called pentalogy of Cantrell. This condition is in most of the cases dangerous and life-threatening, and sadly most of the infants born with it often don’t  survive, and even having surgeries is risky and surviving is not guaranteed.

This syndrome creates defects in the abdomen and chest, leaving the heart completely unprotected by the bones and muscle, instead the heart is located right below the child’s chest covered only by a tiny layer of skin.  Even though the people with this conditions are very vulnerable,  this girl is the living proof of how hope and will to live is much stronger than any obstacle or challenge that life could give you.

Not to mention how amazing is the fact that’s  not only she survived this and she’s still alive but she’s also a very positive person living her life to the fullest, unlike like most healthy people that get stuck in their daily routine, filled with frustrations and negativity and never seeing the beauty of life. Given these points, we can without a single doubt say that she’s one brave child, a hero if I may add.

Here is the little hero enjoying life to the fullest :


Source: Life Coach Code

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