What Is A Lightworker? 5 Symptoms Indicating You Are One

In today’s world, people have a tendency to not remember that their flesh is controlled by their spirit and not vice versa.

Lightworkers help others remember this important truth. They help rejuvenate the latent spiritual energy in the people around them.

They provide guidance to wandering souls who have lost touch with their spirituality and so cannot find happiness and stability.

Lightworkers serve the Divine who guides them in such a manner that their lives are connected to those who need their assistance.

Keep reading to find out if you’re a lightworker.

A lightworker undergoes a string of tests and harrowing experiences

Lightworkers don’t find life easy as they are constantly dealing with trying situations and sudden challenges.

These obstacles help them reach true awakening and they can are better equipped to guide others on the right path.

If you feel that you are also experiencing period of extreme stress in your teenage years, it might be that you are also being prepared to fulfill these duties in the near future.

A profound attachment to the spiritual form and empathic nature

For lightworkers, connecting to their spiritual side is almost involuntary. They are born with an insatiable drive and curiosity to truly understand their soul.

They cannot deny their empathic abilities and will never hold back from providing emotional support if they see that someone needs it.

Sheer selflessness

Lightworkers have no ulterior motives when it comes to doing their duty. They will go about it their own way without caring to gain anything for themselves.

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Boldness and fearlessness

Lightworkers never succumb to their fears and anxieties. They see all their endeavors through to the very end no matter what obstacles they have to face.

Even if the person they wish to help tries to prevent them from doing so, they’ll not let it stop them. The greater good matters more than anything to them.


They don’t see the material world as something very important so they tend to seek solitude when possible.

They have no illusions about society and are well versed in stark reality which is why they do not form many relationships.

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