Problems Old Souls Experience at Least Once In Their Life

As has been noted old souls can be younger people even at the age of 16, 20, and age is just a time concept merely a measure of a certain period, and mostly something that’s created by the people.

Very often these individuals can be described as outsiders and even marked as “weirdos”, and that’s just one of the many issues they deal with on a daily basis. All of this happens mostly because of their uncommon visionary ideas and points of view, that for today’s youth is hard to understand. These are just a few of the downsides of being an old soul:

 Your solitude can have a great impact on your relationships

Generally speaking, old souls tend to be a little introvert from time to time, and that’s why they need more alone time, and they find a certain pleasure in their solitude and loneliness. Given these points, we can easily assume that regular people find this very unusual and strange. And because of that, this can be a dealbreaker for them and it can have a big negative influence on their social and love life.

 Old souls are social outcasts

it’s very common for most of the people to judge and dislike anything and anyone who is different than them and is not suitable for their shallow world of false status, materialism, capitalism, and pop culture, thus anyone who has spiritual and unconventional goals as old souls do, will be most likely avoided and marked as strange and outcasts.

 People find them lame and boring

Old souls have certain habits and routines, that by most of the people are described as dull and stupid. In today’s world technology has taken its toll on the young people and they find no joy in things like reading a book, listening to quality classic or jazz music, writing a journal, drinking hot tea by the fireplace, or going to bed earlier than 10 pm. And while this the definition of fulfillment and happiness for the old souls, for most of the people, is ridiculous and absurd.

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Making decisions based off of a “feeling” can seem illogical.

Let’s make the things simple- Old Souls always tend to listen to their heart, not their sanity. Their emotional profile and all the burdens they have to deal with make even harder to them to make a decision or choose between two things. Old Souls are characterized by a strong and permanent inner conflict. They are always on the verge of the dream and the reality, between their soul and their mind. That’s why most of the people find it very hard to socialize with them and even more to make important decisions together with.


You find it hard to disengage in conversation with strangers.

As we already said, the social connections are the greatest flaws to Old Souls. However, this last part of the article will tell you that the ‘main issue’ – you always feel guilty, undermined, you feel like you OWE something to others. Well, that’s so wrong! Old Souls could be found talking to people for hours just because they feel uncomfortable to end the conversation out of respect to the people they conversate with or some kind of unreal guilt. If you are an Old Soul, you need to PUT YOURSELF FIRST and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If you don’t value yourself, nobody else will value more. Old Souls need to learn how to respect themselves and how to care less about other people.


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