11 Simple Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Guides


What do the spirit guides represent? The answer is very simple. They endeavor to help and support people and sometimes even give them a purpose in life. You can think of them as guardian angels, chosen only for you and completely devoted to your own personal spiritual growth. Even though they’ve their own share of ups and downs in life, they are there for you, and all you have to do is ask them. They are many ways you can connect with your spiritual guides, and have a good relationship and here are some of them that can help you do exactly that.

1. Ask for a sign

Choose some specific object that would represent a sigh and will be a way of communicating with your spirit guide. For instance pen or key and whenever you feel hesitation about something ask your guide for a sign to help you with the decision and try me you will get it in no time.

2. Make your own communication box

Find a  special little box and let that be your communication middleman like a mail, and whenever you want to receive some help, write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the box.

3. Express yourself clearly

They exist for reason and we already know that their main reason is helping us with anything. Absolutely anything like having certain trouble, losing your wallet, when you are feeling lost and without purpose in life, even helping you get over a loved one. I know it sounds fantastic and too good to be true. And the good part is it’s  as completely real as it sounds. Your only job is to ask them sincerely with your heart and you’ll be given the help you deserve.

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4. Be unattached to the outcome

You need to understand that your spiritual path is always long, hard and complicated. The outcome of your spiritual cleansing or your own TRUTH could be as painful or as joyful beyond your imagination. However, after seeking the truth, you will never be ‘imprisoned’ in the chains of the modern society again. You will be a wise and spiritually advanced individual that knows how to accept the consequences and rewards of our actions and existence.

5. Meditate seriously and always stay determined

Meditation is your strongest tool for keeping your spirit always on the right track. We may find ourselves often distracted by the everyday life and the issues that may swarm our head with worries, but the meditation process will always keep you in a good shape.

6. Create a sacred space

Your sacred place will be the best connection between you and ‘the other dimensions’. You need to understand that the rituality in your spiritual life is very important because of its mystic powers and, also, because that way you create a habit and tradition. Your sacred place must be the most important part of your ritual. The space you choose must be always picked carefuly- it should be a place where you can use your maximum spiritual capacity.

7. Intuitive writing

One of my favorite ways to connect with higher realms is through intuitive writing. Start by clearing a sacred space by lighting a candle and sitting down with your journal and two different colored pens. With the first pen write your question. Then take the second colored pen, asking your guides to answer and let the response flow from your hand to the page.

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8. Call in your team

If you are undertaking a particular endeavor, don’t be afraid to call in the best guides for the job! For example, if you are writing your first book you might recruit a guide who has written books or poetry of their own. Be aware that the spiritual guides need to let you always find your path on your own, but still, the inspiration is what will make you work harder on developing yourself into an advanced spiritual person.

9. Do not discourage them

Always be respectful and appreciate your spirit guides. One wrong move may ruin everything. Never let pride fog your mind, remember what you are and what your final goal is.


10.Keep a spirit guides notes

This is also very important. Keeping notes from your connections and the lessons you learn might be very useful at some point in the future. Spirituality requires a lot of study, patience, determination, attention, and confidence. By taking these notes you will build a strong confidence and will be also able to use the notes as good advice when you’re dealing with some issue.


11. Sweet dreams


Dreams are maybe the best way to connect with your spirit guides. Dreams are considered to be one of the most important medius between the dimensions and spirits. When your reach a higher level of consciousness, you will certainly be able to have more influence on what you do in your dreams. Also, you may enable your spirit to receive messages from other spirits via dreaming.

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