5 Ways Empaths Can Protect Their Energy

A barrier that I encounter often – especially among sensitive, enlightened souls – is the tendency to absorb and take responsibility for the negative energy of others. If your empathetic nature is holding you back, here are some techniques that will help! 

Empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs) have a lot in common with psychics and mediums. Regardless of where they fall on the spectrum, they can all be described as open and “tuned in” – to the feelings of others, to energy emitted by people, places and objects, and to signs and messages from Spirit.

We all have some degree of sensitivity and psychic awareness. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re conscious of the energy around you and make good use of your natural intuition when making decisions and interacting with others. But how vulnerable are you to the effects of other people’s energy?

Are you an empath or highly sensitive person? 

Empaths are highly psychic. They possess clairsentient gifts – the ability to feel the present, past or future states of others, and actually experience other people’s feelings. They tend to absorb emotional energy and physical pain from outside themselves and take it on as their own. To stay healthy, empaths must be able to deflect or diffuse this onslaught or they can become overwhelmed, exhausted or even physically ill.

HSPs  (highly sensitive people), use their highly developed five senses to pick up on the feelings and moods of others. They have a super-charged awareness of shifts and subtleties in their environment. Because they tend to focus on others first, they need to be reminded to take time to nurture themselves, and avoid people who might take advantage of their caring nature.

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If you’re not sure where you fall on the sensitive / empath spectrum, you’re not alone! The distinction isn’t always black and white. You could be both an empath and an HSP, or you might be super sensitive to your environment but lack clairsentient abilities. Most sensitive people fall somewhere in the middle range.

How do you “tune out”?

If you have a highly developed ability to “tune in”, your next question might be “How do I tune out and protect myself from being bombarded by the energy, pain and emotions of other people – living and dead?”

While the world needs more caring, empathetic beings, there’s a downside to being so open to energetic or sensory stimuli. Here are 5 techniques to use to shield yourself and avoid going on “empathetic overload”:

1) Stay grounded and healthy, inside and out. Get plenty of exercise and sun, spend time in places that rejuvenate you, eat healthy foods. Know yourself, and engage in activities that nourish your mind, body and soul.

2) Remove negative energy from yourself and your surroundings.Meditate regularly. Cleanse your home environment by burning sage, putting out bowls of sea salt, or collecting healing crystals. Simply opening windows and letting light in, reducing clutter and playing soothing music is a great first step!

3) Don’t become so focused on others that you forget about yourself – tune inward and honor your own emotions. Write in a journal every day, or share your feelings with a trusted friend.

4) Avoid energy vampires. Needy and narcissistic people are naturally drawn to HSPs and empaths. You’ll know you’ve been around one when you feel drained, exhausted or physically ill after spending time with them. Avoid giving these people endless “chances.” Block them from your phone, and limit the time you spend with them.

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5) Practice this exercise whenever you feel a buildup of toxic energy:

Clearing Exercise

Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor, and your hands in your lap. As you sit, become aware of each breath you inhale.  As you inhale, be mindful of your centered heart. With each inhalation imagine that a beam of sunlight comes through the top of your head and fills your body and the entire space surrounding your body with healing light.  As you exhale, imagine that you are blowing out of the body and the space surrounding you, any toxins, psychic residue or other people’s through forms and energy, which are not in alignment with you. Repeat this several times and you will not only feel refreshed and rejuvenated but clearly centered in your own unique and beautiful beingness.

Source: HealYourLife

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