9 Characteristics Of Spirit Warriors – Are You The Chosen One?

To be the ‘Chosen One’ is a great and special honor. The spirit warriors are the ones who have a special mission on Earth to help the awakening of the people. We know very well what kind of world we live in. The people are losing themselves in the matrix of fake values and mass-media manipulation.

The modern people are obsessed with the material world and they live extremely dynamic lives. It’s a real rarity to see young people carrying about their inner self, about their spirits. Consumerism, materialism, and conformism are the ‘life-guides’ to most of the people and that’s why there is a huge negative energy flowing all around us. The apathy is too strong and that’s why the Spirit Warriors are here- to help the spiritual awakening of the people.

In this article, we share the 9 characteristics of a Spirit Warrior. Read more below:

They love the truth

They are always honest and they also expect you to be honest with them. They value and appreciate the truth.

Spirit Warriors doesn’t give up and fight even when it’s the hardest

Spirit Warriors are ‘bulls’ on the inside. They will fight until the last atom of energy in their body is spent. They truly believe in their mission and they know that no injury or disease is more important than his quest.

A Chosen One lives and breathes for love

The Chosen One will know that the greatest power in the Universe is love. They also know that love is the best tool to awake all of the people, connect them to each other and CHANGE THEM. Love is the language of the universe.

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They have a strong intuition

Intuition is one of the strongest weapons of the spirit warriors. They are not psychics, but they certainly are strong empaths. Their intuition will significantly help them in their quest. Not everybody wants to share their feelings with us, but that’s when the spirit warrior needs to use his intuition and empathy.

Spirit Warrior tames the inner fears

Spirit Warriors are spiritually strong people. They already acknowledged themselves before starting to fight to make their dreams come true. They not only acknowledged themselves, but accepted themselves as they truly are. That’s how you are going to beat your biggest inner fears. They also try to inspire others to do the same.

They are patient

Patience is very important. Most of the people make the biggest mistakes in life because of impatience. The Spirit Warrior will not only show you what patience is, but will try to teach you how to stay patient and find your inner peace. Without your inner peace, you will never become truly patient and wise person.

Spirit Warrior chooses his/her battles

The true Spirit Warrior won’t waste his energy. As we said, they are wise, they spent wisely not their time only, but their energy too.


Spirit Warrior respects only God’s authority and all people are equal to them


Spirit Warriors see and respect all people equally. They fear only God (the creationist, the source of all energy) and they have negative opinion and feelings about politicians and all kinds of lords, monarchs, rulers in this world. Spirit Warriors don’t respect authority, but overvalue freedom.

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Spirit Warriors are wise forces of Light

They are self-confident and they love and respect themselves as much as they love and respect the other people. This is a great and important trait of the spirit warriors. They know that they are supposed to change the world, but that requires to be always THE LIGHT in this world that is going to bring love, happiness and divinity.

Source: Magical Recipes Online

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