How To Go On Your First Shamanic Journey Into The Spirit World

The path of the shaman is a special experience that every spiritual person needs to achieve. It is really hard to tell when the shamanic rituals of cleansing and healing first begun, but we can tell for sure that these old spiritual practices are still popular in the 21st century.

Shamans are the old ‘witches’, or some kind of a paganic tribe-priests who work in synopsis with nature. They are one with nature and with the universe, they are wise and they have special spiritual powers. They know ‘ the TRUTH’. Shamans are popular in the native American tribes, but also in many other places in the world.

Their old way of life tells an ancient story about other times when people were obsessed with the spiritual world, not the material world, like us, the modern humans. Shamans knew how to shift to other dimensions, establish connections with divine beings, sagging, healing, performing various rituals… Their spiritual diapason is really big.

If you want to try meditating like a shaman or performing a shamanic ritual for entering ‘the spirit world’, first you must know that you don’t have to expect miracles. This is just another regular meditation technique that requires a lot of patience and hard work, but gives huge spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

To begin ‘walking the path’, you need to find a nice and a comfortable place. All your senses must feel comfortable in this specific place, that is also going to be your spiritual temple. Try to understand your place in nature and nature’s place in you. Think. Try to think more and more about the connection of all souls in the world, synchronicity and the spiritual misery that the world has fallen into.

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You make a change! After you are connected to your sacred place, you need to try sagging. Sagging is not only a great spiritual booster, but it also cleans the air from bacteria. Sagging will also secure the place with positive high-frequency vibrations that will always keep the negative energy away. It is even better if you also bring a Himalayan salt-lamp in the place. The sagging effect will be optimized.

Then, you just have to try meditating using any meditation method. In this place, where you feel completely comfortable you can also start experimenting by combining various meditation techniques. In other words- you can do whatever you want- you just need to let your spirit EXPLODE.

Try using your creativity too! Try drawing, painting or writing in your place. Let your spirit express.The spiritual world may seem overwhelming to you. That’s why you need to go step by step and be careful. You will find many obstacles on your path, you may also fail to seek what you want on your journeys… You may also pull negative energy on you, but you need to remain strong and confident.

Your practice will sooner or later pay off. It would be nice if you could connect wiht someone who already is on advanced spiritual level. Sharing experinces is useful, that’s what shamans were doing in the past. They were also performing rituals together.

You need to know that if you want to have the strongest impact on your spirit and body, you have to keep doing these practices on regular basis. You need to constantly walk the path until you find your final goal; and even when you find your goals,you need to use the experience to start walking a new path, a harder one: to change the world for the better!

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Source: EWAO

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