The Magic Of Eye Contact: When Souls Touch And Heal

The mystical power of the EYE is one of the most beautiful and confusing things in the same time. The eye had been an inspiration to many people who created many beliefs through the history of humanity. Many beliefs are based on the power of the eye, and the power of the eye opens many boxes full of mysteries who wait to be unraveled.

Maybe this is too much of a spiritual or a mystic approach, but either way, the science and the modern-day spiritualists confirm that the direct eye contact has special power and effect on our bodies and spirits.

The direct eye contact is considered to have a couple of interesting effects for the spirit that we will talk about below. However, it is also proved that the eye contact has not only spiritual, but physical healing effects. It is used into the modern spa centers as some kind of a relaxing/healing process and it’s becoming more and more popular all around the world.


If you really want to see other person’s soul you need to look directly into the eyes. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul. This method really helps two people to seek a spiritual connection and become closer. However, the company Quanti-fled made a research that proved that the eye contact is only 30-60% of the time in communication spent to most of the average adults. More than 60-70 % of the people avoid direct eye contact or see it as an act of intimacy (if it lasts longer). This is just another proof how powerful the eye contact is, but it also proves how anti-social the humanity has become.

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The eye gazing experience has also teaching methods. It is an experience that could help you not only find out more about the people you establish this connection with, but also, will help you find out more about yourself and who you are.

Also, you will learn more about emotions and empathy. The eye gazing experience will certainly leave a big mark on your memory. This is just another proof that the direct eye contact and gazing is the first step to creating a genuine human connection.


Like we already said, the healing powers of the eye-gazing are fascinating. With this method, you will learn how to manipulate the energy between you and your partner, and also, you will learn how the empathy is useful to people in need. This will help you improve your social skills and become more likable and useful to the community and the people you love.


Well, this is for all of the romantic souls. When you find your twin flame, the eye connection will open a huge ‘portal’ between your two souls. Also, with your soulmates and people who truly understand you- your direct eye contact will tell you much more than you could ever imagine. Just one look!

Source: Ine online

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