The Mandela Effect: What Is It And Does It Mean We’re Living In An Alternate Reality

The Mandela Effect is one very interesting and unusual phenomenon. This concept is just another effort of a spiritual enthusiast to prove that there is something bigger, something way more complicated and powerful than we can explain, ruling and ordering everything in this world. That huge energy of the existence is all around us and sometimes ‘weird’ things happen.

When those ‘weird’ things happen, such as synchronicity or telepathy, we often want to find the right answers to explain these phenomenons. The Mandela Effect is actually invented by the ‘paranormal consultant’ Fiona Broome and ‘is what happens when someone has a clear, personal memory of something that never happened in this reality.’

Of course, all of us have experienced something like this. In this article, we will share some examples of Mandela Effect. However, you have to know that Fiona Broome’s concept was never accepted as a scientific fact and her work, as a whole is often compromised. However, she is expert for paranormal activities, so it all makes sense. Check some of the examples below:

Darth Vader

This is an interesting example. Many people think that Darth Vader’s last line to Luke was” ‘Luke… I am your father.’, but it wasn’t. It actually was: ‘No, I am your father!’.

Monopoly man

Monopoly has been responsible for instigating family tension and back-stabbing since 1903. However, when we envision the face of the board game (Rich Uncle Pennybags) we often picture the character having a monocle. In reality, the Uncle has 20/20 vision- go figure!

Mirror mirror on the wall = magic mirror on the wall

Is nothing sacred? Even Disney has not escaped the net of the Mandela Effect. Many of us grew up watching Snow White but did you know that the vain, evil queen does not actually say ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ but actually ‘magic mirror on the wall.’

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When the wide-eyed extraterrestrial requested to contact his home planet he doesn’t say ‘ET phone home’ but actually ‘ET home phone’ – even still, it just doesn’t sound right…

We Are The Champions of the WHAT?:

Many people think that this song ends with “… OF THE WORLD…”- this is not correct. We Are The Champions from Queen is definitely without that part: ‘of the world’. However, most of us end the lyrics this way… Nobody knows why- it probably is the Mandela Effect.

Kit-Kat or Kitkat

This is also one of the most interesting examples. Most of us think that it’s Kit-Kat, but in the original name of the popular candy, there is no ‘-‘ in between the kit and kat.

We hope you understand what Mandela Effect is after this couple of examples. This is just another interesting concept that needs to be researched more. What do you think, is Fiona Broome right??

Source: Soul Travel Rules

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