12 Traits All Empaths Try To Hide (But Can’t)

Most of the empaths have the tendency to be very emotional and sensitive people. And seeing as how they care about other people’s emotions and problems, therefore they don’t want to bother people with their own issues and feel like by doing that, they are burdening the other person.

For this reason, sometimes they can appear as introverts or very strong people that you can always rely on. Here are the most common characteristics of the empaths:

1. They tend to be introverts

As mentioned above sometimes they can be very introverted people, and they appreciate their solitude and alone time because they are very sensitive to the energy they feel, good and bad, and sometimes that energy can be overwhelmingly exhausting and that’s why they need a little break from the outside world.

2. They are very sensitive people

Even though they are blessed with the ability of healing and understanding others, they are very sensitive and hide their own issues and feelings, because they don’t wanna inflict the weight of their problems on other people.

3. They absorb Other’s energy

Empaths can be energy “sponges”, which means they can absorb energy from others. And this is good because whenever someone’s happy, they equally feel that joy and happiness and that’s great. On the other hand, the negative energy can be very disturbing and hard to bear, but even so, you will never hear them complain about it.

4. They become replenished in nature

If you believe that you have a friend who is an empath, you may take note that they love being outside. They often take any opportunity they can get to go walking in nature. They do that because nature can replenish them of positive energy.

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5. Empaths are very creative people

As previously mentioned they don’t show their emotions nor and complain about them, but they have a unique way of expressing them through art like painting or singing. They are very talented and the art they create is the result of their absorbed energy from others.

6. Their love is very intense 

Empaths, so sensitive and caring of all the people in general, you can only imagine how they feel when these emotions are doubled and they love the person. They become very devoted and loyal to the person they love, and their love is the purest most sincere kind of love there is.

7. They suffer from stress

Of course, empaths are always targets of stress and anxiety. They are constantly absorbing the negativity of the others and the cocktail of emotions sometimes may be very overwhelming. However, empaths know how to balance their emotions naturally. They are not immune to stress and anxiety, but the opposite.

8. They are highly intuitive

The strongest weapon and defense system at the same time is their intuition. They are very intuitive beings and they have a special connection with the universe. Often, when the universe is trying to give us a sign or send us a message, empaths are the medium chosen by the Creator.

9. They are easily taken advantage of

This is also a common trait. Empaths are often putting others before themselves. They care too much about other people’s emotions and that is a double-edged sword. Most of the people will use you the first chance they get, but the empaths are too good and compassionate to realize this as a fact. They often give too much to some certain people who betray them or pay them back in the worst way possible.

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10. They give too much

Empaths are too generous. The material world has no meaning to them, but they know what the material world means for most of the people. That’s why empaths will suffer and sacrifice their material reality to make others happy. However, they need to be more careful and value their own property.

11. They are human lie detectors

The empathic abilities of this group of people are simply astonishing. Liars and manipulators cannot pass the ‘lie detecting’ empath. They also tend not to forgive or come again nearby the person who once betrayed them or tried to manipulate them.

12. They have the best potential to become spiritually advanced

Empaths are in the group of ‘special’ and ‘extraordinary’ people who have a higher potential to become spiritually advanced. Empaths should always practice meditation and other forms of spiritual practices, all in order to develop themselves into people on a higher level of existence and also, become stronger and immune to the outside world with all of its negativity.

Source: Enlightened Consciousness

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