8 Traits Of An Advanced Soul

To be an advanced spiritual person is one of the great achievements in one’s life that could be ever achieved. Why? Because in the 21st century the people are extremely spiritually poor and the dynamic everyday life makes us totally neglect our inner self.

The material world, consumerism, materialism, egoism and ignorance are considered positive traits in the modern society and everybody is obsessed and consumed by selfishness, social media, fake luxury and money. These few things make a person ‘popular’. However, at one point in life, all spiritually poor people are facing their true self and struggling with their inner insecurities.

To recognize a spiritually advanced person you don’t have to be an expert. These are the most common signs:

1. They have a penetrating gaze.

You will feel the energy in their eyes. When you see a spiritually advanced soul and look in their eyes, you will feel that the gaze is penetrating your soul. You will see the love, empathy, hope, and positivity in their eyes.

2. They have soft and comforting touch.

Their movements are always smooth, soft and comforting for the people around them. They truly radiate with positivity and calamity. Their touch could make you feel at peace and comfort your senses.

3. They have a gentle and soothing voice

Not their touch, but their voice is also gentle and soft. Their words are ‘milk and honey’, they won’t waste a single sentence if they don’t have a true reason to speak. They value the power of the word and they always use that power to make other people feel better, encourage or comfort them.

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4. Their Aura is very deep and still

Like we already said, their presence is comforting and gives a sense of tranquility. You feel at ease around them. Their radiating with positivity will inspire you and make you behave differently. They are good role models for nervous and impatient people.

5. They are sincere in all their interactions.

They won’t ever tell a lie to you. They respect the sincerity and they expect you to be always honest with them. They can’t stand liars and manipulators.

6. They will GUIDE you, but never IMPOSE

Spiritually advanced souls know that all of us need to walk their path to spiritual divinity ALONE. We can use their advice or try to learn something new from their experiences, but still, each human’s path is unique and mysterious.

7. They believe in oneness.

They believe that every single organism comes from only one source, that is, the creator. They feel connected with everyone in the world. The micro-macro cosmos relation is sacred to them and they consider themselves one with nature and the universe.

8. They are comfortable in their own skin.

Anxiety, depression, diseases and illnesses- these things are unknown for the spiritually advanced soul. They acknowledged and accepted themselves as they are and through their meditation techniques, they are even able to heal themselves and find what’s ‘going on’ in every single cell in their bodies.

Source: Soul Travel Rules

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