The Empath Blues: The 4 Ways to Relieve Emotional Fatigue

We have so many articles about the empaths and each one of them is special, but not as much as special as the empaths are. Empaths are the biggest treasure of humanity, they are the driving force of progress of the modern humanity which is based on justice and COMPASSION.

Empaths are the people who are extremely sensitive and they can also feel the emotions of other people. They are highly perceptive and if an empath is spiritually active or advanced, could even use some psychic abilities. However, empaths are just normal people, like you and me, but they have a way stronger empathic abilities than the rest of us.

They are naturally the best possible type of people- easy going, caring, loving, sociable and wise. However, they are easy to manipulate sometimes, but not because they are stupid, but because they care too much about other people’s emotions.

True empaths will sacrifice everything to make the people they love feel happy. The material world means nothing to them, and even if they’re not spiritually advanced, they still have a ‘touch’ with beings or forces on a higher level of existence, in other dimensions.

Anyway, to be an empath is both blessing and curse. Why? Because most of the empaths are completely overwhelmed by the world around them. They are like receptors of energy, emotions, feelings and they absorb and accumulate.

That’s why emotional-breakdowns and even depression are common to many empaths. In this article, we share the best pieces of advice for all empaths how to stay COOL and UNTOUCHED by the negativity of the 3-Dimensional world and people who spread low-frequency negative vibrations:

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This is probably the best advice of them all. Empaths spend too much time with other people and the emotions of the others could cause an emotional disbalance. Also, even the energy of the unknown people passing nearby could be a trigger. That’s why empaths should spend more time with themselves. Their alone-time should be precious. Meditation, spirituality, even material luxuries- empaths should sometimes spoil themselves- they really deserve it. This has nothing to do with anti-sociality, but more with the communication of oneself with his inner spirit.


Untouched nature is always the best environment for empaths. Most of the empaths report that they are feeling most at peace in nature, among trees or large bodies of water. Trees, for instance, produce the ‘white noise’ that is a very positive emotional vibration. Empaths should at least walk in nature a couple of times a week to ‘recharge’ their batteries and find emotional peace.


Physical activities are always a great benefit both for the body and the spirit. You will boost your spirit by boosting your body. Also, one of the best ways to release the negative energy accumulated through the day is to ‘blast out’ your muscles and bones, let the negativity waste through your physical exercises.


This is the most effective spiritual practice that applies to all people, not just the empaths. Meditation could help all of us find our inner peace, start our spiritual journey and release our body and spirit. Empaths, of course, because of their extraordinary abilities, have more potential to use the whole benefit of the meditation process. That’s why empaths should try to meditate whenever possible and also try to become spiritually advanced.


Source: BestNdeBooks

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