How Your Energy System and Imagination are Connected

One of the most important tasks of each spiritual person is keeping their chakras mobile and active. The important spiritual practices like meditation or yoga (like an advanced form), we can conclude that our energy is part of a larger energy field which is also part of a larger one… Until eternity…

The relation between the micro-macro cosmos is very inspiring and intriguing. The Indian spiritual schools and also the Buddhist teachings have very interesting concepts of spirituality and spiritual practices that could change your life forever and make you find out things about yourself that you couldn’t imagine.

In all of these teachings, the main and most important goal is TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF. By acknowledging yourself, the next step is accepting yourself. When you accept yourself as you are, you have the chance to develop yourself into an enlightened person with a true purpose in life. Walking down the paths of spirituality you will find what your purpose is and maybe you will succeed to find out what the ‘TRUTH’ is, but it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that you will be developed in a human being on a higher level of existence. You will use your ability to make your life better and feel happy as much as possible.

However, most of us are totally confused…

From Conclusions to Confusion to Consciousness

We have a very wrong concept of consciousness, as it seems. According to many of these teachings, our ‘consciousness’ is what makes us, actually, confused. Maybe we should dig deeper into our souls and find all hidden treasures inside our souls.

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Your imagination represents your ability to go deeper into your soul and find out some things very important to you that are manifesting in the form of ‘mirages’, imaginative visions, creations etc. Your creativity is also a product of your imagination. That’s why nobody likes plagiarism. Because we all respect the TRUE MASTERPIECE in all of us. People are brilliant and there are whole worlds and universes hidden inside their heads and souls.

Keeping spiritual activity on regular basis will let you go deep inside your imagination very often. This will help you find out more about yourself, but also make you more creative and effective. This will bring certain success in all important fields in your life. Now, watch the interesting video below with good explanation about Yoga aligning with the cosmic geometry.

This is just another beautiful example of how the spiritual practices are directly connected with the universe. The famous instructor of Inner Engineering, Sadhguru, a yogi, created a whole new program that is becoming very popular in the west.


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