The Link Between Verbal Abuse & Anxiety That No One Talks About

Anxiety is considered to be the ‘plague’ of the 21st century. Many people, especially the young people, suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is a special state of mind and body that manifests both emotionally and physically. It is an unknown deep phobia from something, big tension, a cocktail of negative emotions, impatience, and unease… Your body starts shaking and trembling, your palms are sweaty, you feel nausea etc.

However, the modern psychology and psychiatry are still searching for the true answer- what is the root of anxiety. Still, there is no certain answer, but there are many proven and confirmed factors that represent ‘triggers’ of anxiety.

The trigger is what will make you anxious at a certain moment, but the trigger comes from a trauma or a very strong, unwanted experience in the past. The verbal abuse is also a huge anxiety factor.

The modern psychology confirmed that, sadly, people who suffered from mental abuse (verbal), especially while they were young, are going to suffer from anxiety attacks.

This happens mostly when parents and other authorities use more verbal force on their ‘subjects’ than it’s really required. The verbal abuse will result in strong inconfidence, self-doubt, fear, panic and tensions that will last for a lifetime deep down inside the soul of the abused person.

In this article, we share the symptoms of anxiety produced by mental abuse. Anxiety is not so hard to spot, but many people ignore anxiety and struggle in silence. Most of them are not even conscious what is actually happening to them. These symptoms below will help you notice an anxious person:

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Short-Term Symptoms
Low self-confidence, and lack of enthusiasm
Unable to make decisions

Long-Term Symptoms

Chronic pain
Eating disorders
Digestive problems

Things that cause anxiety is the behavior of the people and the social connections (in the cases of people that suffered verbal abuse). Their social connections are the best triggers.

You will see people mentally abusing someone when:

No one can see them:

Many people are abused behind public eyes. Mostly at home, school, work… You really can’t notice if this happens behind closed doors, but this abuse could easily lead to serious traumas and harm person’s health.

This is another method of mental abuse. Abusers will never let you think that you are a worthy person and will use every opportunity to put you down.

Name Calling
Abusers tend to use name calling in order to manipulate with other people and give them orders. As others abuses, this is also a harmful one.

There are many other ways to abuse someone by : ‘being always right’, puting people into isolation, attacking someone’s privacy etc.


This is probably the strongest trigger. The feeling of guilt is a huge trigger that lasts for so long and it’s hard to overcome. The abusers will make you feel guilty even for things you’ve never done, or will rub your nose in some small mistakes you’ve made, but they will make them look much bigger- all in order to discourage you and hurt your feelings.

Source: GottaDoTheRightThing

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