The Animal You See First Reveals Your True Personality




Your subconsciousness is closely connected with the way you see the things. Now, we will explain what each picture means.

If you first saw this picture then it means that you are a nice person with pure and a peaceful soul. The dove had always been a symbol of peace and tranquility. You are a true inspiration to others because people like you are a true rarity. That’s why you have the good opportunity to establish deep connections with the people around you. You are loved and admired.

The butterfly represents beauty, pleasure, passion, and hedonism. If the butterfly was the first thing you saw in this picture, it means that you are a true hedonist and you live every day on Earth like its the last. You are bored by small talks and wasting time on nothing, you want fully committed people that are ready to follow your way.

The falcon also is a symbol of an adventurous person and true achiever. You will be satisfied only if you fly high above your peers, and this is a good trait. You are proud and have a high self-esteem. You hate being held back and you live your life on your own terms.

The dog is a symbol of loyalty. If this is what you saw first it means you are a loyal, selfless and generous person. Your generosity makes other people cherish and others truly admire you as a good friend. Your social connections are your strong side, but sometimes certain people try to manipulate you. However, you are way above that and use your intelligence to protect yourself from this kind of people.

The wolf is a symbol of privacy. If you chose wolf, you truly value your freedom, but wolves are also a pack animals, which means that you have a small circle of trusted friends that you feel comfortable and safe around. You are not good in making new friends, but you value your privacy, belongings, and way of life.

The mantis is a sacred creature in many cultures and beliefs. It symbolizes goodwill and loneliness. If you chose mantis it means that you value your loneliness and you prefer to be alone, but you are not an anti-social person. You still get along with others, but you are more intelligent and spiritual person, so you want to spend time with yourself and grow as a person.

If you chose the crab, it seems that you are an extremely stubborn and persistent person. You will always protect your sensitive side by putting up barriers all around you. You love your comfort zone and you want to stay there as much as possible. However, when you leave your comfort zone, you always get what you want and you don’t return back until you finish all of your goals.

If this was your choice- it also means that you are a person that truly values freedom. You want to be free to do whatever you want, but still, you do everything to help the people you love. You make other people’s lives easier and you are very important in your community.

The hen tells you that you are happy spending time at your home. You love your home, your family, your values. Your family is the representation of yourself and you have higher purposes in life. However, you also don’t want to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

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