The 3 Stages of Spiritual Unfolding & Why Many Get Stuck in The First One

The spiritual unfolding is an important process for every person that wants to grow spiritually and develop both the body and the spirit. In most of our articles, we speak about the importance of acknowledging oneself.

That is the most important theory given since ancient times and the classical philosophy. The process of self-acknowledgment and unfolding your spirit is a complicated journey that you need a lot of experience and hard work to just begin.

The first phase is hard, the second and the third are maybe even harder, but you will certainly succeed in your mission if you are dedicated and irreducible. Meditation, of course, is the best technique to begin with.

The first phase of your spiritual development and enlightening is to set your priorities goals and beliefs.


You need to understand that all of us are born in different circumstances in different worlds and all of us behave that way. The different cultures and way of life play a huge role in your views and understanding of your surroundings and even your inner self. You need to clean your mind. You need be as pure as ‘tabula rasa’.

That’s when you will be able to go to the next stage. This is the hardest part because all of us, deep down in our subconscious core are attached to religion, philosophy, moral code, belief, scientific ideas etc. You need to get over with all of those things. Your path is unique and that’s why you’re walking it- to find out who you really are and decide what you really want to be.

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Faith is the ‘key ingredient’ for entering the second phase. After you truly acknowledge who you really are, you need to accept yourself and believe in yourself.


This is the time when you have to face your inner self. You need to accept the truth who you really are and have faith in your success. This could lead you back to your old life and make you better or worse in the things you do, but if you are truly determined to grow as a person, you will believe in your abilities and you will take the chance to be BORN AGAIN.


This is the time when your spirit needs to show you that’s in a short period of time everything will expand in your spiritual world. Direct spiritual experience of enlightenment is what lies ahead.


The time has come. You are ready to make a radical change and to see if you are born to be mystic, spiritual and holy. This is the time to see if you are different from the others. Using your spiritual techniques you will be closer to your goal and also to finding what the purpose of your life is. However, you will know deep inside when you are ready. Years, maybe many years will pass, but your moment will come, sooner or later, only if you are true to yourself and work hard with pure heart.

Source: Life Coach Code

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