A Full Moon Has Powers To Change Your Mood – Here’s How You Can Make It Work For You

Except for its undeniable beauty, the full moon is also believed to have a powerful energy, with great impact on our body, mind, and mood while its occurrence. For these and many other reasons, a lot of people around the world cherish the nights when there is a full moon, and not only that but the Chinese and Vietnamese have invented holidays like  Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Festival which appear to happen during the full moon.

Coincidence? Of course not because the eastern religion since ancient times has used the full moon’s power for strength, luck, guidance, cleansing the body of toxins, as well as cleansing the mind from negative thoughts and bringing peacefulness instead.

According to the scientists, the full moon takes place every 30 days when it’s located precisely opposite of the sun, and its power can have great influence on us all we have to do is use the energy and direct it in a positive way.

Here is how you can do that

1. Meditate during the full moon

When meditating while the full moon, you exploit not only the energy you usually get during normal meditation, but now you receive all of the energy gathered in the full moon and it’s potential will improve your mind frame, and help you see your dreams and aspirations with a very clear vision. This state of mind will undoubtedly help you to get rid of negative thoughts and if there are some of them left, your mind will not let them overpower you under any circumstances. So all you have to do is embrace the positive energy and the full moon will help you with the rest.

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2 Think only positive thoughts

As I previously mentioned, you have to embrace the positive thinking and even though you might be stressed, having troubles, or going through difficult phases in your life, now will be the best time to take deep breaths and be calm, because the full moon’s energy works in your favor, you just have to cooperate by keeping your mind clear and filled with positivity.

3. Cleanse your conscience

Now is the perfect time to let go of all that’s holding you back.  Get rid of those negative disempowering thoughts of self-doubt, criticism, and past mistakes, and know that by doing that you are in fact making room for all the good things in life. So don’t hold on to any grudges and frustrations, because they are holding you back and stopping you from becoming a better person. Know that they are a heavy burden and you can’t get to your destined self with this kind of negative energy. The best thing you can do is forgive and forget.

4. Take a Moon Bath

It sounds kind of dreamy right? Everyone has had that moment when you just sit next to your window and admire full moon’s beauty. This time instead of doing that from your home, go outside lie under the Moon and let her energy shine over you, I promise you, you’ll be fascinated by her power.

5. Do random act of kindness

Don’t you feel great after doing something good for someone, like helping that old lady cross the street, or giving some food to that homeless man, or even feeding that stray dog? This is the best way of cleansing negative energy because the fool moon recognizes pure and good soul and while doing these good acts it will embrace your positive energy and attitude and will fill your mind with love and joy.

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6. Set new goals

I know most of the people tend to get these ideas mostly before new year, and usually, they fail to stick to these so-called resolutions, and you know why because actually the best time for setting new goals is during full moon, because is the perfect way of exploiting her energy to help you accomplish your goals and intentions. If you combinate both your will in the realization of these goals with meditating while the full moon, all the pressure of society will disappear and you will succeed in fulfilling your intentions I assure you.

7. Be in your element

This will enable you to find the best out of yourself. Your new beginning should start with great deeds that will make you feel better about yourself and the others around you. You should radiate with positivity and try to share the positive energy not only with acts of kindness but with your whole being.


Source: Peace Quarters





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