Choose One Sugar Skull To See What It Reveals About Your Personality

Our choices in life are always, consciously or subconsciously, connected with who we truly are. The decisions we make define our personality and make us different from the other people, as well as the way we behavior, act, think and feel stuff. In this article, you have an interesting test that will define your personality type just by picking a skull from the image below. Choose a skull and find out if the test will give you the right answer:


If you chose this skull, it means you are a person with style, great sense of aesthetic and elegant tastes. Just like you already spotted, the skull is minimally decorated, but the style is artistic and perfect. he eyes are glowing red which indicates passion. You are, therefore, someone who is passionately attracted towards the beautiful things in life but you are not impressed by complexity. Your thoughts, actions and behavior are also sophisticated and elegant, but never complex. Your elegance and strong spirit are a perfect combo!


If this was your choice, it means you are a person of nature. You are deeply affected by and strongly connected with the power of Mother Nature and that’s where you find beauty in life and pure tranquility. You are a kind person who cares about the environment and is always ready to help to the people in need. You don’t judge people and accept everyone in the way the nature made them.


If this was your skull-choice, then there is a huge chance that you are a person who is extremely detail oriented. You find your passion in the small things, you love precision and details, you want things that are delicately designed and intricately painted. This choice tells a lot about you. You want the finer things in life and you appreciate the true beauty of creation. The small things in life make you happy, and that’s why you are a very positive person always surrounded by positive vibrations. You are also a creative person yourself and your creativity is your way of expression.

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If this is the skull you picked, then you have indications to be highly attracted by the primitive side of our human nature. This skul indicates that you are “charmed” by antiquity, by the old wisdom and ancient knowledge. Your choices in life are always truthful and realistic, you are a wise person with strong will and understanding of humanity. You know very well how cruel the people are, but you always prefer honesty, sincerity and straightforwardness. Some people may hate you because of that, but you are a human being on a higher level of existence. You always prefer the harsh reality better than a sugarcoated lie.


If this was your choice you are a person with a colorful personality. You are open and funny, people love being around you. Social connections, self confidence, expression and intelligence are your strong traits, as strong as your constant fight for freedom. Your nature is free and wild. You are a citizen of the world and you won’t fit any pattern. However, you should never doubt yourself, you should keep your head high and live the life with full force!


If this skull was your choice, then it means you are a person with deep spiritual side and different, too emotional and compassionate soul. Your spirituality makes you different from the others, but you are immune to the social pressure. Your spirit is what really matters and you already acknowledged yourself as you are. You have the perfect opportunity to develop your personality and become what you really want to be. Your detachment from the social pressure will enable you to see things clearly and make a good judgement.

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If you already picked this skull, it means that you already know how specal you are. People who choose this skull are the ones who know they are special and different from the rest of the people. This choice tells that you accept your individuality and you know you are unique, however, you don’t want to change, but to grow as a person. You stand tall with your head high, ready to change the world.


If this is the skull you chose then chances are that you are a person with a spark in your soul. You are someone who is driven by the beauty of thoughts and not of the body. The skull, above, shows a diamond on the forehead. Your choice, therefore, means that you are someone who appreciates a deep conversation and a meaningful talk. It’s the way people think that fascinates you and you are always more interested in the reason behind people’s behavior than the behavior itself. If there’s something you truly appreciate, it is the beauty of the mind and that is why you accept only those who are true in their thoughts and pure in their actions. You, therefore, choose the people who are as understanding and sorted as you yourself are.


If you chose this picture, it means you are a special sophisticated person who is rarely open-minded and thinks outside the box. The sparks in the eyes of this skull symblizes yourself and how other people see you. You are a sparkling individual. Everything you do ignites a flame of sympathy in the hearts of the other people. Your creativity and wisdom will help you go to the highest level of the social-pyramid.

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If this skull was your choice, it means that you are a person who has multiple tastes and multidimensional personality. You may see yourself as bipolar person, but you are just a special personality type. You won’t settle for anything, your behavior represents various contrasts and your spirit is oriented in learning and trying new things every single day. However, you need to decide who you are at a certain point in life. You have a very strong trait- you are an extremely adaptable person and you can survive any unpleasant situation.

Source: Mystical Raven

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